Nothing ever really goes out of style. There is a season for any and everything. I learned this a long time ago when I was told wearing sneakers with dresses was not something one should do. I guess you can call me a rebel in the 90's because now in 2017, wearing dresses and sneakers are just the cool thing to do. 

Now 90's me would have never thought that in 2017, I would not only be in gingham, but ruffles too. I was all about jerseys and baggy jeans (well as baggy as I could wear them cause my mom was not letting me buy pants 3 sizes too big). My daily uniform consisted of 1. Plaid Shirt 2. Jeans 3. Nikes, now don't get me wrong, all three are still in my closet, but my style has crossed over the girly dark side.  

This season, all the trends of yesteryear have come back, but in a whole new twist that is fun and makes you want to be a bit more adventurous. Take for example, the gingham top. Once an adornment for tables, this staple is all over this season in unexpected silhouettes. For example, how about an off the shoulder top with bell sleeves. Yeah- this once tomboy is wearing an off the shoulder top with bell sleeves and I love it. 


This top is one of the latest from Target and their collaboration with Who What Wear. I love how it's roomy and slightly cropped. Best thing about this Gingham Off the Shoulder top is that it actually stays off my shoulder. I have many that just would creep back up on my shoulder any time I moved, but this one it stayed true. It's super lightweight and breathable so I will be getting some serious wear out of this top. I am wearing a 2x, since I have big arms, wanted to make sure I had room to move about. 

I figured if I am going to wear a fun top, why not push myself and wear some cropped ruffle pants. I have had these pants in my closet for over a month, but I just did not know what to wear it with. Anything I was pairing it with was just not giving me the effect I wanted. That all changed when I put on the gingham shirt. The Jaye Ruffle Pant (this may or may not be named after is definitely one of those items that you love it, don't think you can wear it, put it on and you are like you know what, I can. When I first saw ruffle hemmed pants, I thought on my 5'5" frame they could just look all types of wrong. Actually, Eloquii proved me wrong, because they hit me right at my sweet spot. These pants come up high on my waist and the size 16 fit perfectly.  These pants come in petites as well, so everybody can enjoy these amazing pants. 

I wanted to add a pop of color, so I went with my ankle strap sandals from Nine West. These are great for walking around since the heel is only an inch. Grab you a great pair of sunnies and a bold lippie and you are ready to go!

May Flowers

When it comes to designer collaborations, 2017 has been cranking out some hits. One of the most anticipated was Target's collab with Victoria Beckham. When she first launched her line in 2008, no one suspected that she would end up being at Fashion Week, and now almost ten years later launching a line with Target. 

Like many other fashionistas, I was up at 3am to get my hands on this must have collection. Unfortunately none of the Target's in my borough had the plus size collection in store for me to try on, but the fact that I was able to order all the pieces I wanted was fine for me. One of the dresses I had to have was this Tulip Applique Shift Dress. I loved the 60's vibe of the dress, and the faux leather tulips were an added bonus. For it's price, the quality is amazing. When it comes to collabs, the first thing that most expect is a cheaper quality garment. All you are paying for essentially is the name. This collection is not that at all. The material used in this collection are great for the price. For those that didn't partake you are in luck because this dress is now on sale for $28 versus it's original price of $40. 

I wanted to keep the mod vibes going, so instead of wearing heels, I went with my favorite loafers from Sam Edelman. These are pretty old, but there are two new versions currently out called the Loraine and the Talia. There is also the Perri, which is a loafer/mule hybrid which is super on trend. Since it was chilly out here in these NYC streets, I went with my Jessica London moto to keep me warm and cute.

Target Plus Size

I received so many compliments on my dress. No matter what size you wear, having great fashion is something that should be for all of us. Give the girl the right dress and she can take over the world. Even better when it's on sale. Enjoy lovers. 

Bikini Season

Once I hit puberty I disliked swim season. Options back in the 90's for a plus size teen were far and few between. My choices were a swimdress (which I hated), or some floral boring one-piece which was suited for a middle aged woman that a teenager. Me wearing a bikini would have never been an option, but now that's all I want to wear. I was very self conscious about what I wore, because I did not want to draw attention to myself. Even though I started breaking the so-called rules when it came to fashion, swim was always disregarded because I could not have a cute swimsuit. 

Love my tote, click here!. 

That all changed when Gabi Fresh debut the fatkini. I loved how the higher waist smoothed out my tummy, and I had all the support I needed. I wore my first two piece swimsuit on a beach in Miami and you know what happened- nothing. No comments, no concerns, no staring, just me enjoying sun and sand. Then when Gabi announced her collection with Swimsuits for All, I stalked the website so that I could get my hands on a great looking swimsuit that was made for my body. Now on her third collection, Gabi Fresh for S4A continues to be a favorite of mines. 

This year the collection features swimsuits with all of the hottest trends of the season. There's an off the shoulder swimsuit, kitschy prints, cutouts and hardware. When perusing this year's collection, I fell in love with the Midnight Bikini. Normally, I stay away from black because we as plus size women are always given black, but this suit was super sexy and fun. 

I wear a 40H cup, so the fact that her bikini's went up to a H cup had me doing my happy dance. One of the reasons it's hard to find a good bikini is due to the fact that I need support for the twins. Most bikini tops can support up to a D/DD/DDD comfortably. So for me, it's either I have to sacrifice support, or just not buyt the suit. There is nothing worse than having a swim top so small to the point you are spilling out. Having options in cup size ensures a better fit because our bodies are not the same. Yes we may wear the same size, but our bodies are different. I want to enjoy myself, and not have to constantly move and re-configuring my top because of the size. Also, no one, absolutely no one wants four boob. For the top I went with the size 20 (I noticed that with S4A, going up a size works best for me) in the G/H cup. The back straps are fully adjustable which allows for a more precise fit. There is side boning, so it fits just like you are wearing a bra. 

The bikini bottoms have metal hardware that criss cross. The bottoms are highwaisted so they are great for those that have a tummy and want coverage. There is power mesh so it does hold you in. I went with a 20 in the bottoms as well. The band does not dig into my sides. I was definitely comfortable in this suit. 

If you are on the hunt for a new swimsuit, definitely check out Swimsuits For All (Current promotion 30% off swiim). They have so many options to satisfy your taste from sizes 8-24. Finding swim has always been a struggle, but since I found S4A, that is a thing of the past. My biggest problem now- having too many suits! Guess that means it's time to plan a vacay right???? 

An Afternoon In Harlem

Earlier this week, I wrote about Vinateria and their brunch menu (if you missed that post, click here). Now it's all about brunch fashion. Depending on my mood, I will either go casual or dress it up. The nice weather called for a dress, so I went ahead and pulled out the latest from my go to brand Eloquii. 

When I first saw the Block Print Fit & Flare dress, I just knew it would be the perfect brunch dress. Dressing up can be a chore, and even though I want to keep it cute, I do not want to feel constricted. Fit & flare dresses for me are a great go to. You can still look fabulous, but not have to worry about wearing tons of shapewear (I know when I am enjoying a meal, there is nothing worse than tight shapewear and a full belly). Fit & Flare dresses hide a lot of sins, so when it comes to keeping it easy- especially now that summer is coming, I will throw on a dress like this and I am out the door. What I love about this dress is the colorful 60's inspired print. It grabs your attention and all you need is a great shoe and bag, and you are ready to enjoy your day. 

For my accessories, I went with the Irenee block heel from Steve Madden. This is a great shoe to have ladies. It comes in a myriad of colors, and the heel is perfect to wear all day. I have two pairs of these shoes, and they easily can dress up a simple outfit without sacrificing comfort. My purse is an oldie but goodie from Aldo that is no longer available, but I suggest checking out their site because they have a lot of fun new purses for Spring. 

While my brunch look was full on girly, Leigh-Ann went with the classic shirtdress with a fun twist. This season, menswear inspired items with fun embellishment and embroidery are huge this season. Leigh-Ann went with Embroidered Shirtdress from Eloquii. She loved the dress and the ease of wear. For her, she needs pieces that can be worn on the weekends as well as to the office. With this dress, she can swap the sandals with pumps and add a blazer. For details, definitely head to her blog Gasparillo Junction

Leigh-Ann and I had a blast at brunch. It was a great day for walking around and taking pictures. We also found another restaurant we want to try, so definitely stay tuned for the next installment of Food Meets Fashion. 

LB Fall Preview

I was invited to Lane Bryant's Fall 17 Preview, and I am always to excited to see what is in store for us. I enjoy going to previews, because I get to see new fashion, but you also get a feel of where the brand the going. Lane Bryant over the past several seasons continues to elevate with each passing collection. Between their line and collaborations, Lane Bryant has really worked on provided trend right clothing, while still having that classic aesthetic. Without future adieu, here is Fall lovers. 

Remember Allie? The pant I tried on earlier this season. She is back in new fall colors, and prints. She's paired with fun blazers (the plaid is my favorite), and oversized sweaters. I am definitely loving the silky bomber jackets. Also on my radar are the Calvin Klein inspired Cacique collection. I love the striped bra's, and boyshorts. 

Next up, my favorite topic- denim. For fall, it's still about great fit, but there is a bit of resurgence of the colored denim. The denim was very soft, and had a good amount of stretch. The denim was paired with great tops like ombre flowy tops, and cute denim tops with detailing. My favorite thing right now, is all the different ways the classic button up has been re-imaged. The fun sleeves are what I'm loving the most. Tee's in different washes and patches, were on full view. As a tee & denim girl, I'm all about having more options instead of just a skinny jean and white tee. Something small like patches, gives a simple tee added interest, and you don't have to (if you don't want to) dress them up. It's all about options. The more the merrier. 

This here is what I call Military Chic. I love camo jackets...let me say that again...I love camo jackets. It's an edgy neutral. There is nothing you can not wear a good camo jacket with. I would wear the camo jacket with the bra with lace overlay. It's soo fun and sexy. I am also crushing on the olive cape. Cape's have been something that I believe is not a one size fits all. Not all capes are made equal. You have to find the one that works for you and your look, and for me that one is it. I can't wait for it to come out so I can walk around the city looking so stylish with my cape and cute handbag. 

That is fall ladies. I know we are just starting to enjoy Spring (it's definitely been a rainy April here in NYC), but I figured sharing what's to come doesn't hurt...especially when you go ahead and start putting those coins aside sooner rather than later. Enjoy lovers!!!