3 Years and Counting

It's that time of the year! It's my 3, yes 3 year bloggerversary! The time is going, I must say, and I am proud of the blogger that I am becoming. When I started the blog, it was an outlet for me to share my passion with the world. I was working (still am), and the one way that I always felt for me as a way to express myself was through my clothes. It was the encouragement of friends to start the blog because they saw something in me that should be shared. When my best friend would tell me you need to start this blog, I would laugh because I felt there were already amazing bloggers already doing it. I didn't feel like my style was soo different that it would stand out. I was soo wrong. My style is a reflection of me, and no one can be me, but me. Yes anyone can wear a dress and some cute shoes, but no one will wear it like me. 

Three years is definitely something to break out the confetti. Actually the confetti gun was The Real Sample Size's idea. Blogging has really brought some dope women into my life. It's one thing to talk clothes, it's another when you have a team in your corner that gives you cool ideas to get the creative juices flowing. I will say that I am grateful for all that is in my life. Whether its helping me take pictures, giving me outfit critiques, places to go (and eat) or sharing dope walls that I can shoot at, I will never take them for granted. 

Eloquii Sequin Dress

For my bloggerversary, I decided to get away from NYC for a bit and head to Houston to visit The Real Sample Size. They have an amazing array of cute walls to shoot at, so I thought hey I can hang with my girl, shoot, and try the hot spots. When I say I had the best sweet tea in my life- lovers let me tell you. I am a sugar junkie. I was the kid that added way too much sugar to the Kool Aid (I kid you not). So when I tried the Sweet Tea at the Breakfast Klub I was soo in love. Don't get me wrong, the food was amazing, but that tea tho....I am still thinking about it and it's been over a week. Maybe RSS will send me some...lol.

What's a celebration without a little sparkle. When I saw the Sequin Shift Dress, I knew I wanted to wear it for my bloggerversary. It was totally a Jami Jaye dress. I am a sucker for all things sequin, but the ease of the dress is what really sold me. We all know when it comes to dressing, I still want easy, fun, and comfortable, and this is the epitome of what I am looking for. The inner lining is made of a soft tee like material. Most sequin dresses have polyester or stiff like linings so it's cool that this feels like your favorite tee. Even though this is a sequin dress, I would totally wear this with a blouse underneath to make it a daytime look, or with a denim jacket and Adidas Superstars to treat it as a casual dress. To be honest, I do not think there is any wrong way to wear this dress. 

I have been looking for the right outfit to break out my sock booties, and this dress was it. Sock booties are so on trend this season, and I found mines at my favorite place Tar-Jay. The Cady comes in three colors and for less than $40 you can buy all three and not feel bad at all. The pink is a nice and bright, the red is classic, and having a white boot is 'it' color of the season. The height is perfect at three inches, and they are super comfortable. Lately, I have been all about that sneaker life, so wearing a pair of heels that were really comfortable made me happy.   

I want to thank everyone that has liked, read, shared a post. Without all of you on Instagram, and Facebook I would not be here. To all the bloggers that have share my photo's, to the websites that have featured me, you are appreciated. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING AND LET'S GO YEAR 3!!!!!

Baby I'm A Star

It's my first post of 2018, and I will say that I feel renewed and ready for all that's in store. Why not start 2018 with a bang, and wear something a little fun. I'm all about waking up each day and wearing whatever comes to mind, and this look was come look and witness this star power (pun intended...lol). 

Have you heard about this brand called Shein? I heard about them from Nikki from NikkiFreeStyle and when I went to their site, I was like oh yeah there are some awesome pieces that will work with my wardrobe. One of the first items I spotted on the site was this super cute, sheer star print top. Lately I have been on the hunt on nice tops that are versatile and I can wear with a multitude of looks. The Lettuce Edge Star Print top is a stand out piece. You can easily wear it solo with a great bra like I did, or layer it if you are not as adventurous. What makes this even better, the top is only $7!! Yes lovers, this galaxy inspired top is less than $10, and it's not even on sale. Sizing wise, I went with a 3X because I was not too sure of how it would fit, because the items looked like more it was on the junior plus side. Glad that I sized up, because the top is on the short side. Love the top, well definitely check them out and save some money by using styleov20!!!

If you are going to wear a show stopping top, it's only fitting that the bra is a stunner as well. It's not often that you will see my bra, but trust me I am all about really sexy lingerie whether I am dressed up or not. Elomi is a brand that I love when it comes to sexy bras that fit well. When you have larger breasts, fit and comfort are very important. Elomi is all about giving the girls all the support you need but not sacrificing style. This is the Bijou Flirt bra. I love the criss cross straps alongside the cup and the amount of support this bra gives me is unparalleled. I'm wondering if I should do a roundup of all my favorite bras...hmm, yeah I think that would be good look, because having the right lingerie totally makes the difference.

Since the top was on the short side, I felt it was best to wear my high waisted jeans from Lane Bryant. These have been a major game changer for me. High waisted jeans have become a favorite of mine because when you have a big butt, jeans that come up high on the waist just showcase the curves ever so right. I am wearing Lane Bryan't coated skinnies, and I love how they give off the appearance of leather. I am wearing a size 16, and the amount of stretch is team thick thigh friendly. Also they are 40% off for their semi annual sale. 

Lane Bryant High Waisted Jeans

I ended out my look with my favorite sparkly booties from Eloquii (they are from last season so they are no longer in stock, but I have linked some similar styles below), leather jacket from Jessica London, and this great beret from Forever 21. 

I'm looking forward to 2018, and I definitely have some things that I am working on that I think you are going to love. Soo stay tuned lovers!!!

See Ya 2017

It is my last post of 2017, and I must say that I am looking forward to 2018. This year has been one of extreme growth through learning some hard truths. I have learned that there are times you are not going to be able to do it all, and in no way should you beat yourself up. Do not feel ashamed with the fact that you are feeling uncomfortable. Surround yourself with those that bring you peace, not strife, and above all else take care of yourself.

I am bringing in 2018 in style with this super cute dress from Shop Currently. If you have not heard of them, they are a Miami based brand specializing in plus size dresses. They believe in high quality fabrics that fit all bodies. When it comes to the holidays, I am all about items that are shiny or have texture, and lovers, the Diana silver pleated dress has both. Based on their size chart, I would need a size 20, but I was actually able to wear a size 18 which is my go to size for dresses. My biggest concern when it comes to dresses are my arms and back, and this dress has ample room for a great fit. With winter dressing, I prefer having some room so that I can layer, and with the fit of this dress allows for such. I love that the dress hit me above the knee so I can show off my over the knee boots that I bought last season. 

You can shop this dress and more on Shop Currently's site or at Amazon. Enjoy some shopping in the new year because their dresses are currently on sale! I could not end the year without celebrating some of the wins this year. Each and every day is another day to get to the life you want, and I made sure that I celebrate the wins and learn from the losses. 

THINGS THAT I'M PROUD OF (in no particular order)

Hitting 10K on Instagram. With all the changes to the way posts are seen on Instagram, influencers were really feeling it the most not being as visible as they once were. I will say that even though it was hard work, reaching that milestone was major, and I thank all my old and new followers for liking and commenting on every post. 

Supporting several plus size events. I went to Phat Girl Fresh's Lifestyled 2017, Full Figured Fashion Week, The Curvy Fashionista's TCF Expo, NYFW, and the Curvy Con. Not only was it great seeing my blogger boo's, but I met new bloggers and learned a lot in terms of working on my brand. It wasn't just all work, I got to laugh it up and spend quality time with a group of women I admire. 

Having fun with fashion. Even though I love shopping, hitting style ruts will happen (as of late, all you will see me in are jeans and sweaters, but it is the winter so I guess I get a pass...lol), but this year, I have mitigated the ruts by just wearing what comes naturally to me. The best outfits are those that you don't fuss over. Here are some of your and my favorites from 2017.

Let me know if there is more that you would like to see from the blog? Perhaps more day to day looks? More fitting room chronicles? Less fashion and more lifestyle? I'm game if you are. 

Happy New Year Lovers!!!!!

Women Are Stronger

Tracee Ellis Ross is someone that I always admired. From the first time I saw her curls on Girlfriends I was hooked. She is funny, smart, and one hell of an actress. She lives her life for herself and is definitely someone that knows what she wants. As successful as she is, she is still asked why are you single, and where are your babies. A woman with a Golden Globe, impeccable style and can drop some rhymes is at times reduced to the where is your happy ending (ie husband and kids). I have been down that route, asked what's going on with my dating life, do I even want children, and where is marriage on my list of things to do. As a woman, who you are attached to overshadows at times the other things that make you you. Watching Tracee's speech (if you haven't seen it, I linked it below) reminded me that no matter your accomplishments we as a society still hold on to the measure of success for a woman is through marriage & children. No matter what people say or how they view you, I am strong, and you will not reduce me to just this one dimensional view of what a woman should be. 

I felt it was fitting for this post to wear her suit from her collaboration from JCP. I went with the Bliss Robe and Cuffed Trouser pants. When I saw this set in the promotional pictures, I had to have it, especially in red (the set also comes in blue). Red is such a power color. When I wear red I feel different. I feel like I can just do anything and everything. It's bold, sexy, and just powerful all rolled up into one. Since the set is oversized, I went with a 1X in the robe and pants. Now these pants are definitely for my tall gals, so please be mindful when trying on. I wore them high up on my waist with heels. 

When I was thinking about what should I pair the suit with, I was at a lost. This set has been a hit with so many bloggers, I wanted to wear something that was definitely a Jami look. When I saw this tee from Simply Be, it was just the right accent piece for my look. Simply Be has a lot of great tee's and this was one of the few that I picked up from them. Women Are Stronger, and this tee reaffirms that when I feel like I can't do something. 

For my accessories, I wanted to keep it cute with a lucite clutch with sequins. This season, I have been looking for pieces that play well with what I have in my closet, but give them a little added oomph. This clutch is definitely something that ties my look together. Especially with it being the Holiday season, this is good for the sequin lovers like myself, and for those that are not ready to fully indulge in head to toe sequins.


With the pants being long, heels were definitely needed. I have been crushing as of late on ladies rocking suits with white heels or booties, so I went ahead and took the plunge and got me a pair for myself. The Halogen Anita bootie is super comfortable and comes in a range of colors. If you want a white bootie, or just a great looking bootie that you walk around town in, look no further, 

This post is one of my favorites so far. Writing this really put a lot of perspective back into my life. At times we as women are judged based on our accomplishments on this "life check list" that at times we are living for other people's acceptance or approval. Watching Tracee's speech got me thinking about my life and what I want from it. I will not allow allow someone to dictate what my success should look like nor will I let them put me in a box. I'm grateful for where I am today, and what the future has in store for me. I'm stronger each and every day, and when I start doubting myself, I'm going to look at my shirt and read this post to snap me back to reality. 

Muah lovers!!!


I can't believe it's December!!! The year is about to come to a close, and I am just in awe how fast the year went. I took a mini break to just relax, watch Netflix, and to do some shopping. The deals online the past two weeks have been insane! I found some great sweaters, cute skirts, and comfy boots that I just had to share. 

RRR Curvy


This season has been about the power of a great sweater. The statement sweater is definitely an item that you can not ignore. All the different versions really have me spending all my coins. The sweaters have not only been fun, but they are warm and soft. This off the shoulder from Rachel Rachel Roy was all that I could want. It keeps me warm, it's soft to the touch, and with it being off the shoulder, it's different from my other black sweaters in my closet. It is slightly oversized so I went with a 1X and it fit like a dream. My favorite part of the sweater is the extra long sleeves. I've always been the type to use my sleeves as a way to keep my hands warm (and drive my mom nuts in the process).

Brocade skirts were definitely all over the runway this season. I always liked a good skirt, so when I saw this mini brocade skirt, I fell in love. Can't go wrong with an animal print. Especially when it's in a fun metallic. It has a paperbag waist (which makes it stretchy), which makes it easy to get in and out of. It's fun and flirty, but having pockets just ups the ante. For the past year I have been living in midi skirts, but I must say, I'm falling for mini skirts. Since brocade is a rather stiff material, when it comes to sizing I tend to size up (this is a size 18) just to ensure I have room. 


When you are all about warm and cozy life, finding a pair of boots that keep my feet warm in these colder months is vital. I saw these boots online, and thought they were super cute. When I got a chance to try them on in the store, I bought them immediately. It's one things for them to be cute, but the fact that they are lined with shearling made them a must have. I have been looking for a new pair of boots since it was time to retire my sparkly Uggs, but I didn't find anything worth looking at until I saw these Urban Hiker boots from Coach. They are a bit pricey, but there are some F&F sales going on, so you can get these on sale. 

This look is definitely cozy, and very versatile. I can wear this with flats for work, booties for a night out, or even a fun sneaker while hanging with my Day 1's. Just cause the temps are dropping doesn't mean you can't give em something fun. What piece from this look speaks to you? Let me know in the comments!