I can't believe it, another year coming to a close. The older I get, the faster I feel time is passing. A lot has happened to me this year, good and bad like anyone else, but I really wanted to share with you my biggest takeaways as well as some of my favorite outfits from 2015.

                                                Forever 21+ Dress, Fashion To Figure handbag

  • JUST DO IT- I finally stopped procrastinating and launched my blog. I stopped putting it off and got serious and bought a domain, and the rest is history. I was scared that I might not be good enough, or my pictures would not be on point, but you know what, I had to start somewhere. It paid off, and I still have so much more to accomplish. I went from on average 200 viewers to now over 1000 in a month, I am knocking on the door to 1000 Instagram followers. I worked with some great brands and did two blogger collaborations! I was featured in City Style Life, and was a guest contributor on The Curvy Fashionista. Not bad in my opinion. Not bad at all Jami. None of this would have happened if I didn't buy that domain. So if there is a something that you have a passion for, please try. Good or bad, you won't know. 

                                         Eloquii Faux Leather Culottes and Vince Camuto Shayla Platforms

  • MAKE AMENDS- I lost my Aunt this year, and for years we did not speak because of an argument. Arguments happen everyday, but I did not make any effort afterwards to reach out. I let it be, and so did she. We may not have had the chance to work through our problems, but I made sure I went to her funeral to say goodbye. I mourned and made peace with what happened between us. Saying goodbye under those circumstances is not ideal for any person, but it was needed. I have learned not go ghost when things get ugly. Say what bothers me, and move on. It doesn't mean that everything is going to go back to what it once was. Even if means just making peace and walking away, I can leave knowing that I did what I could.

                                                                                      Modamix Jumpsuit

  • I CAN'T DO EVERYTHING- Outside of Style Over Size I have a full time career. I want to do everything, go to every fashion event, and still go home and spend time with my family. There are times when I have to stay late at work to get the projections out on time, or go home to spend time with family. Regardless of what I have to do, I have to make time for myself. Twice a month I get a fresh blowout and a mani, and if I end up not doing anything for an entire weekend, I don't beat myself up. I will always have a To Do List (speaking of which, I need to get my ticket for BlogHer...see what I mean), but I try to do little things for myself to unwind. Don't get me wrong, I love being able to check things off my list, but you know what I can't do it all- just do what I can, and do it well.

                                                                          Lane Bryant Joggers, and Metallic Vest

  • GIVE MYSELF MORE CREDIT- Last year I accepted a new position in my company. It was a much needed fresh start. Prior to the new position, I wanted to take on more responsibility and went to my supervisor. She did not feel that I had the skill set to handle the promotion. I was stunned and hurt, that the area I worked in for years and had a great report with many different teams, that my own supervisor did not think I was capable of handling the role. I decided to leave and pursue something new. Now I was definitely scared, because what if she was right and I couldn't handle it? I got to my new area, and I thrived. I learned, shared experiences, and overall truly learned a lot. I built new connections, and really came into my own. Even though I was growing, I did not expect ten months into the role, I would be offered a promotion!! That's right- me?!? I get so caught up at times with the things I still needed to learn or do, or the mistakes I made, that I hardly took the time to relish in my progress. So when I start getting in my head, I take a step back and give myself credit for what I have going for myself. There is always going to be more to learn, but I am working on celebrating what I have accomplished. 

                                                              Eloquii Sequin Dress and Booties

2015 has been good to me and I am grateful for everyone that has liked a post, shared, and follow me on this amazing ride. I am truly blessed. Thank you to my family and friends. Goodbye 2015!!! Muah!

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