Winter White

Wearing white after Labor Day has been up for debate over the years. For me, I stopped taking this as a mandatory rule. I love white, and it looks great against melanin, so any chance I can wear it, I will. I’ve been living with the wear what you want mantra for some time, but last year things changed a bit and wearing white was not an option.

Now I know your body changes as you get older, but I was experiencing longer, heavier periods. It happened over time. One month I would be fine, the next extremely tired, and then the next back to a lot of pain. I was out in Atlanta for TCF while I was on my period. No big deal right? Wrong, after 5 days my period would not go away. I had an appointment scheduled with my gyn so I was going to go in and ask a lot of questions. By the time I visited her, I was on day 10 of my period. It was heavy and I just felt like my whole body was out of wack. I told her my issues, and she set me up for an ultrasound. I asked her could it be fibroids, (cause I was googling my symptoms trying to figure out something), and she told me it’s possible or it could be cysts. Though nervous, I needed to know what was going on with me and scheduled the ultrasound.

I found out I have not 1, but 3 fibroids. I was told they vary in size from 1-3 cm’s which are small, but I was still concerned. I thought once I received confirmation they were fibroids that would be the end of it, but no. Limit my stress, and change up my diet, simple enough. The ultrasound also showed a thickened uterine lining, so then they required a MRI because that was not normal for someone that is not pregnant. Here it is day 21 and I’m still bleeding. I attended Curvy Con with cramping, and a full blown cycle, but I made sure I rested and took my vitamins to keep up my strength. It’s hard dealing with something that you don’t really understand. One minute I would be fine, the next painful cramps and heavy bleeding. I avoided wearing anything light colored. I was constantly running to the bathroom. I’m not going to lie. I was scared. If my fibroids were small how could they be causing all this havoc on my body. I got the MRI, and it didn’t show anything. Well isn’t that wonderful- I felt like I was back at square one. Yes I knew what was causing issues, but having a period for a month at that point was cruel. I was mentally and physically exhausted at that point. My gyn decided that it could be time to switch my birth control. She felt that trying a birth control with a lower hormone would be better . Also, the last test she wanted to me to get was a uterine scrape. Yes you heard that right, a scrape. They scrape a sample from your uterus and test it for irregularities and cancer. I was not looking forward to it, but you gotta do what you gotta do. By the time I went to take that test my period finally stopped, and I was starting to feel better. The biopsy came back negative, so for now its about keeping these fibroids small by taking care of myself. I have been working on limiting my stress, and walking more, and getting more rest.

It’s been a couple of months since my diagnosis and I feel confident again to wear light colored clothing. I was soo afraid of having an accident I was avoiding everything. When I saw this cute set on Target’s website, I was at first not going to get it, but I knew I had to stop living in fear and go back to wearing what I want. The set was soo cute that I could not pass it up, and I went ahead and ordered. Who What Wear has been cranking out hits. There is always something from their monthly drops that I love. I got the sweatshirt in a 1X and its a great comfy piece to wear any time. The matching sweatpants are equally comfy and have a stretchy waistband. I do wish they had a drawstring, just cause sometimes waistbands can start to give, but regardless I still like them. Both pieces will be in heavy rotation. I decided to go all out with white and pair it with my white moto from Eloquii. I can safely say that this moto addict has the full spectrum of the rainbow (and I am not in the least bit ashamed about it #shopaholic). I ended out my look with my flatform oxfords from the Atlantic Pacific x Halogen collaboration from Nordstrom and a cute pom pom hat (both are sold out unfortunately).

I figured for this look, I would shoot it in front of an ice cream shop. Ice cream and wearing white has been associated with the summer, but now no one cares. Wear white, enjoy some delectable ice cream in the middle of January. For all my fellow women dealing with fibroids, don’t let them stop you from wearing what you want. Go to your doctor and seek alternatives, because you deserve to live your life without fear. I know this post was longer than most, but I really wanted to share my story. I know that I was scared and it was with the support of my friends and boyfriend, and a doctor that listened to my concerns and not tell me that my weight was to blame for my issues that I am able to get back to same old Jami.

Cozy Time

Once the temps start to drop, I go on the hunt for the perfect sweaters to wear. From embellished, to unexpected twists, when it comes to my sweater collection, it is curated to not only fits into my style, but above all else keep me warm. There is nothing worse than having the thinest of sweaters on a cold NYC day.

Jibri Skirt

I have been gravitating towards prints, and super chunky knits this season, but there was something about this sweater that had me wanting it immediately. It’s definitely your classic black knit sweater, but what drew me to it was that it was slightly oversized and cropped. It totally gives me 90’s vibes. Its not a super chunky knit but trust that it does the job on the warm front. I am wearing a 18/20, but I could have sized down to a 14/16.

Eloquii Cropped Sweater

The combo of the season that everyone can pull off is the sweater-skirt combo. It’s a great look that can be easily dressed up or down just by switching up your accessories. When I saw this skirt from Jibri, I instantly fell in love. What solidified the deal for me was when Jibri was in NYC for Curvy Con, and I got a chance to see it in person. I love me some animal print, and add in my favorite color grey, she had to come home with me.

Skirt & Sweater Combo

I’m a firm believer that when you have great pieces in your closet that are effortless that when you have to get dressed, it’s easy and you look put together. Animal print has been all over the runways, but it still is a great neutral that pairs well with other neutrals or color. All I had to do to end out my look was to add some glitter booties (these are oldies but goodies, but I linked something similar here), and my trusty handbag, and I am out the door.

IMG_1274 Copy.jpg

When it comes to the holiday’s you can always go all out festive with sequins, or brocade, but if that is not your thing, go with an animal print. Holiday dressing is what you make of it, and as long as you look and feel your best that will shine through. Merry Merry Lovers!!!!

Thanksgiving Ready Y'all

Usually for Thanksgiving I’m home lounging watching the parade followed by the dog show. Yeah the dog show. My niece and I started watching it some years back and its become somewhat of a tradition for us. We pick our favorites and guess who is going to win while in our pj’s. Going out is not on the menu, but this year I was invited to Kay Jay’s for the festivities and then I have Friendsgiving that Friday with my bestie. So what to wear? 

Now since this holiday is all about enjoying time with loved ones and chowing down, I need an outfit that is comfortable yet put together. I want to make a good first impression, but in no way do I want to look like I’m trying too hard (so no sequins- for now. Lol) so I figured why not wear my pieces from Draper James!! 

Draper James and Eloquii dropped a fall collection earlier on and these pieces are great to wear for all your Thanksgiving and Friendsgiving activities. I paired the polka dot top with denim. Polka dots are always a good idea and you can mix and match them with another print, or just wear it solo. I like mixing mines with a stripe, but today, I mixed it with a buffalo plaid in the same color scheme, and I loved how it turned out. I’m wearing a 18/20 in the top. I can wear denim anytime of the year and I’m always comfortable. The Peach Lift Jean holds it shape without stretching out and in no way does the waistband have me feeling like I’m in a vice grip. In denim, I am wearing a 16.

Now I love a good boot for the fall, so I thought to jazz up the whole look, I will wear my slouchy cone heel boots. They are a great height for walking and the width of these are perfect. I have 17.5 inch calves and I can wear this with or without pants and they fit great. I did size up to a 9 since there are no half sizes so I can have room for super thick socks. If you are looking for a cute boot, definitely check out Kass (also it comes in white).

Now the piece that I feel is the showstopper is this buffalo plaid cape. I love a cape, and this one is perfect for this time of the year. I can layer to my hearts content with a super chunky knit and not have to worry about feeling cold. I’m wearing a 18/20 and this has enough room that I can wear a chunky knit sweater when the temps drop. I love capes cause they give me more room to move around and I just feel so sophisticated in them. If you are looking for “Southern Lady Who Lunches” vibe, then don’t look any further- Draper James x Eloquii have you covered. Check out some more of my favorites below and Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

See Rose Go

Back in the summer, I got a chance to meet the See Rose Go team and give their new items- their tee at the TCF Style Expo. The quality was impeccable, and the tee’s ability to keep you cool during the sticky months of summer made it one of must have items for summer (besides my portable fan). Needless to say when See Rose Go IG displayed some new styles during NYFW, I was immediately smitten. The first piece that I knew I had to have, was the Peek-A-Boo Tunic.

I don’t have that many tunics. Mostly my tunics are of the chunky sweater type, but this one definitely has the versatility that allows you to wear it throughout the year. The tunic comes in three colors- Black, burgundy, and the one I am wearing Rose.

The material feels great against the skin, and the fit is great. I am wearing a 1, and the fit is spot on. I am wearing the tunic as a top so that I can pair it with their new skirt, but the length on this top is long enough that I can wear this with their Everyday Legging, Track Pants, or even a great pair of jeans. My favorite part is the cut out. It adds a little interest, which I’m always for.

This skirt, another new item to their collection, is another item that plays well with all of their other pieces in their assortment. It has a wide elastic band, that gives you a shape without the need of a belt. It’s made of the same comfy material like the tunic, and it has pockets. I know I am not the only one that gets excited when their skirt or dress has pockets, right? I am wearing a 2 in the skirt, I might have been able to size down since the elastic band is stretchy. Either way, the skirt was comfortable and easy to wear. I’m thinking about wearing this again, with a striped turtleneck, loafers and throw my moto on top for a cute work outfit. The pleated skirt also comes in burgundy, which also goes with everything in their assortment.

If you are looking for items that will last, then definitely check out See Rose Go. In addition to these items, and their tee’s, I have their Layering Vest which is the best thing to wear now. The weather here has been dipping in and out of the 50’s-60’s, so this is my time for practicing my layering skills. Have you checked out See Rose Go? I love a good chat about brands, so hit me up in the comments! Muah!!!

His & Hers - We Are The Champions

So me and the boyfriend are back with another collab. My goal with these collabs are to showcase brands that both a plus size woman can wear as well as the man in her life. Next up for us is Champion. I’ve always loved the brand (cause it was a major mainstay in the 90’s), but outside of me wearing clothes from the men’s section, there was nothing else that would work for my plus size body. Happy that has changed.

When I was looking for items, I knew I wanted a sweatshirt. Come on, its what the brand is known for. At the time when I was looking, it was hard to find a sweatshirt that had a pair of matching joggers in plus. Straight size, no problem, but it was tough finding a whole sweatsuit (especially if you wanted color). I decided to forego a colorful sweatsuit at this time, and look for a neutral one instead. Now you know I love cropped items, so when I saw this cropped sweatshirt, I knew it had to be mine. Here is the good and bad news; bad news: this doesn’t come in plus size. The good news, its oversized so I was able to give the XXL a try. As you can see, it still looks oversized on my size 18/20 upper half. Champion, you need to roll this out to plus, I know sooo many women that would rock this.

For the joggers, I went with the fleece jogger. When I ordered, I thought they would match perfectly, but as you can see the grey’s are off. Hey it happens. When I ordered these joggers from Macy’s these were the only ones on the site that came in plus. Perhaps the other ones sold out, cause now I do see more pant options in plus. In these fleece joggers, I went with a 2X based on the reviews. I will say, these run small. You would think for a jogger, they would be loose, but not so much. I did recently order the Powerblend Fleece and these fit a lot better. I still went with a 2X, but they give you that ideal jogger look. I ended out my look with one of my favorite sneakers, my Air Max 95’s, and my fanny pack from Eloquii.

The mister has been rocking Champion since he was a kid. He always had a pair of sweats to go play ball in. So it was a no brainer for him to get the joggers for the collab. Kay Jay is wearing the Logo joggers in his favorite color. What he liked most about them was the fact that the material was soft, and stretchy, but they kept him warm. Definitely check these out for the man in your life for two reasons- one it’s grey sweatpants season, and two they are on sale for less than $20! Instead of getting the classic sweatshirt, he opted for the Logo Long Sleeve Tee. In both items he is wearing size L. Footwear is one of his favorite sneakers, the Nike Revolution.

Nowadays, we are getting more brands that carry plus, but the ratio of plus to the total women’s assortment at best is around 25%. For Champion, there are 30 items that are labeled plus on their site. The collection for plus are their classics items such as the sweatshirts and joggers. Now that athleisure is a mainstay, I would love to see some of their fashion based pieces offered in plus. I want color, stripes, or cropped options. There is always a market for fun pieces, but the key is telling us. The only reason why I found out about Champion Plus was that I was scrolling looking for athletic items that come in plus on a department store website and the brand was listed. Now where I am willing to do some research, others may not. Spread the word Champion- work with some bloggers (cough cough like myself) to showcase what you have. It’s easy to say plus doesn’t work because people don’t buy it, but most of the time we don’t buy it cause we don’t know it exist.

I’m not going to lie, I didn’t think I would get that many chances to rock His & Hers looks. Growing up, the best I could do is just wear the same color. Now I can actually where the same brand and similar items. Definitely the times have changed, but there is definitely more work to be had for us plus size gals. We have more options than ever before, but this does not mean brands can say ok, here is some plus, we did our job and move on. Brands have to continue to offer a variety in order for us to keep coming back. Have a wide assortment and tell us about it, I’m sure we will give you our coins.

Are there other brands you want me and Kay Jay to tackle? Definitely let me know, cause he is always up to dress up and take pictures. Until next time lovers…muah!!