A Little Fancy

These days, wearing anything not denim is considered dressing up. Every once in a while I want to get fancy. Am I going to a gala, no, but sometimes I just want to put on a great dress and show off.

Instead of traditional black, I wanted to wear a navy dress. The Maggy London Bethany dress is a great dress for a night or day out. The color is seasonless, and it pairs well with everything. I love navy with metallics. Metallics just bring out the best in navy. Instead of going with silver or gold, I thought rose gold heels would be a nice touch. Things that I love about the dress, first is the mesh neckline. The mesh illusion top gives the dress a nice . Also the mesh sleeves provides nice amount of coverage for those that do not feel comfortable going sleeveless. Second, the stretchy material makes it super comfortable to wear. I definitely recommend this dress if you are looking for something to wear to a wedding or to an event. It's affordable, and you will get so many uses out of this. What do you say lovers? Ready to get a little fancy?

Best Buy Experience

While at BlogHer, they have this amazing expo filled with tons of brands to connect with. One of those vendors, was Best Buy. TheBest Buy Experience was a cool booth filled with the latest technology. I am a techie at heart, so getting a chance not only to see, but try out what's new is always a treat.

The Best Buy Experience at BlogHer 16- Experts Among Us...I love the colorful rug.

The newest phone up for grabs is the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. The latest in the Samsung lineup, the Note 7 has a new pen which makes writing or drawing easier than ever.

What I liked about the phone when I tried it at the booth:

  • Pen: The pen just glided across the screen like I was using pen and paper.
  • External memory: Blogging requires tons of pictures to be stored so having the expandable memory is great because you don't have to worry about the dreaded "Memory Is Full" pop up when you are trying to get the perfect shot.
  • Battery Life: When you are out enjoying life, and sharing using all of your social media, the battery is sure to suffer the consequences. With the new portable wireless charger (sold separately), you can be back to sharing in no time. 

In addition to learning all the features of the phone, I was also taught about the Best Buy Mobile Compare Plan. I found out that over 50% of people overpay their cell phone bill. At all of their locations their team can help you find the right plan for you to save you money. When my latest contract is up, I will definitely head to Best Buy to go over all the plans and get one that is right for me. Get a new phone and keep some money in your pocket. Don't see anything wrong with that lovers!

The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free

California Dreaming- The IG Wives Takeover Pt 3

Dresses for me are the most easiest things I can maintain. It's an instant outfit, and an extra bonus is when you can find one that is wrinkle resistant. When packing for my trip, I really thought about what I was going to take and limit things that require ironing. One of my go to's was this great lace shift dress from Avenue. 

Photo's courtesy of @fabulizza

This dress is a great travel companion. It folds up small, wrinkle resistant, and it's a sheath. Sheath dresses like this one are great because it shows off the figure but it's not as curve hugging as a bodycon. A sheath skims over your curves. Both still accentuate, but a sheath like this one (I'm wearing a 14/16) can be worn to the office, or out for a day in the sun. When I'm on vacation, the heels are put to the back burner. I like wearing cute sandals that can take me from day to night. These sandals were great for my trip. They are super comfortable, due to the padded insole, and the sparkly elastic makes them stand out. I just needed this pendent necklace, and my look was complete. 

White clothing has become a major staple in my life. Wearing all the things we are told as plus size women we should shy away from has been a freeing experience. The limitations we put on ourself due these rules has been one of the reasons why I started this blog. My goal is that when I try something out and by me doing so, hopefully I can inspire someone else to try an item they never thought about. The IG Wives decided to do a white dress look book. The backdrop here in Santa Monica was such an inspiration for us, that we thought it would be a great idea to share our fun white looks from the Avenue. Definitely check out the look book below and for details on Sandra's look or Darlene's make sure to head to their blogs! A very big Thank You to our photographer Fabulizza and Avenue for this great opportunity!

Visual (LACMA)- The IG Wives Takeover Pt 2

I have always been drawn to bold patterns and colors. When I was younger going to museums were an essential part of my upbringing. I still find peace going to a museum and just walking around looking at art. At Lacma, besides the art inside the museum, there is art outside the museum. The Lacma installation is a definite must see, and of course a great spot to take pictures. 

With such an amazing backdrop, wearing something equally visually bold was needed. This skirt from Lane Bryant was the perfect item for a gorgeous day. What I love about it is the bold color. The shades of blue play nice with black and white to take a fit & flare skirt to the next level. With a skirt so pretty, all I needed was a slightly cropped top, sandals, and my oh so favorite Christian Siriano for LB shades and I was photo ready. 

Besides avoiding all the other patrons taking pictures, we got to have some fun dipping in and out of the rows of lights. This was the first stop on our day of shooting and I think the IG Wives hit it out of the park. I'm so used to just shooting with the tripod or the wives taking pictures, it was cool to have photographer Fabulizza who has such great energy, and just the sweetest person take them. She really captured me: a little sassy, and all around playful. 

Got a little Beyonce wind going....owww Photo Credit @Fabulizza

I think we look great in our skirts. A fit & flare skirt will always be a staple for the IG Wives. This silhouette makes everyone look good. For details on what my wives wore, click here & here. You can wear color, and still look great. Turn yourself into a work of art, and be a visual feast for the eyes. 

Pink Wall- The IG Wives Takeover Pt 1

LA weather is just great for pictures. The sunny, warm weather and amazing backdrops are a blogger's dream. Don't get me wrong, I am a NY'er til the day I die, but summers in NYC can get soo humid that taking pictures becomes an epic task. There were so many times this summer that I just had to go back in the house after shooting and just sit in front of the air conditioner. Ok, I'm getting off topic...lol...back to the matter at hand. LA weather plus all the wall art- pure magic. A must have picture in your blogger files when visiting Los Angeles, is the Pink Wall in Downtown LA. Shooting at the Pink Wall was on my blogger bucket list so I'm happy that the IG Wives had a chance to go and shoot there with our amazing photographer Fabulizza. Check out her site, she is AH-MAZING!!!!!

Picture taken by the oh so fab photographer and blogger @fabulizza

The big question was what can I wear that will look great against the iconic Pink Wall. I have been all about trying new silhouette's this year, and my next one to tackle was the halter top. My go to brand for all things fun and trendy- Eloquii. I went with their Sleeveless Cross Front Top because in my latest tackle of new silhouette's I wanted to give a halter top a try. What I love about the top is that it gives the illusion of a halter in the front, but it still provides ample coverage in the back. Definite must have for those that are not about a halter due to the tying of the strings around your neck. Added bonus, this top is on sale, so I would check it out. I don't see this as just a top for the summer, I would wear this well into fall. Just throw on a blazer and you are all set. Frayed jeans are on trend this season, so when I saw this cropped version, I just had to have them. They have a good amount of stretch, and they do not feel heavy which is great for warm weather. I still will wear denim even when it's hot, but I always make sure that it's not a heavy denim. This is the best of both worlds because it's not as lightweight as chambray, but it's not as heavy as most denim. All that was left was some great accessories like this tie I made into a headband, and my favorite sunnies. 

This group shot of us is one of my favorites. You have me being somewhat silly, Darlene in full on fabulous posing mode, and Sandra looking effortlessly cool. The Wall was tackled by the IG Wives and I must say we look great rocking our favorite pieces from Eloquii. Stay tuned lovers for more of the IG Wives take LA!!!