Pastel Love

Usually in the winter I am wearing nothing but black, but this winter I have been gravitating to a lot of color. My outerwear this season definitely reflects my switch from mostly black to color. This season there has been an explosion of great coats in plus- especially in colored fur!

This lilac number is a cutie. I was eyeing it for a while, but was telling myself that I have a lot of coats and maybe I don’t need it. Then something happened….the coat went on sale for $43 dollars. Like who is going to turn down a coat that went down from close to $200 to less than $50? I ordered it immediately. I ordered the 18/20 and it fits well. Note, the coat just has a hook closure in the middle so make sure you have a good scarf for those chilly days to wrap around your neck.

Plus Size Faux Fur

I was having brunch with my bestie so I kept it cute and casual with my 80’s inspired sweatshirt from Target and a pair of denim. When it comes to my weekend wear, I keep it low key. Sweatshirts have been a go to for me as of late. Since it is still Winter (Just a couple more days!!!), I wear sweatshirts since they are warmer than wearing tops and you can easily layer them. Also, you can wear them all year long. I definitely suggest investing in a couple of sweatshirts. One of my favorite combo’s is wearing them with a cute skirt, or some ripped up jeans with pumps. Just add some white accessories like these cute sunnies (less than $10), and you are good to go!

Eloquii Coats

There is no secret that I am sneaker girl. Growing up, I lived for sneakers. I wore them with everything. It drove my mom crazy. Now that I am thinking about it, I was ahead of my time. There were plenty of times I was rocking a cool pair of sneakers with a dress or skirt. There were not too many shoes I liked growing up. In the 90’s everything was a platform of some sort, so when it came to shoes, I only wore them when it was necessary. Now that I am in casual work environment, I can play around with color more, so I have been doing so with my sneaker choices. When i saw these Puma’s in my feed, I fell in love. Colorful like an Easter Egg, these work with so many things in my closet. Now The Puma Toy RS-X run a little small, so I went with a size 8.5 instead of my normal size 8 in sneakers. Not ready to go full on color? These do come in other colorways that can definitely work with your comfort level.

What are some of the ways you are incorporating more pastel colors in your life? Are you all about it, or you just keep it simple with a top?

Pink & More Pink

As a child I wore my fair share of pink. Ask my mom, and my favorite look was a pair of pink striped Osh Kosh B’Gosh. Then I went through my I hate pink phase in middle school & high school (dark plaid took over my life). In college I started wearing it again. Now, I don’t think twice about picking up a pink item. Hell I got a pair of Air Force 1’s in pastel pink. Most think of pink of girly, but for me its calming when I’m wearing blush, or fun when I wearing a bold bright pink. So when I saw this bubblegum suit from Eloquii, I just had to have it.

IMG_1941 Copy.jpg

I have talked about suiting several times on the blog. As someone who is all about jeans and tee’s. I am finding suiting can be just as versatile as s good pair of jeans. This suit is two pieces from Eloquii, which is great because you can wear both pieces in a myriad of ways. One way is to take the pants, and wear it with a slouchy sweatshirt and flats. Another look is to wear the blazer with tee and jeans. For this look I paired the High Waisted Trousers with this great striped sweater from the Atlantic-Pacific x Halogen collaboration with Nordstrom. What I love about this look is that it looks great with the blazer or it can be worn alone.

IMG_2008 Copy.jpg

Now I have been not been wearing heels for some time. I have been loving all the cute flats and sneakers in my arsenal, but for this look I really felt like a pair of white pumps would really set the look off. When it comes to pumps, Sam Edelman pumps are my go to’s. They make a classic pump in two different heels heights, and a myriad of colors, and even in wide width. I didn’t have a white pair, so when I found these on sale, I snapped them up with the quickness. Since these are not wide width and patent leather (which I have noticed can run a bit narrower), I went with a size 9. The height makes them easy to walk in, and I have room to add extra cushioning because let’s be real, all heels start to bother you after a while.

IMG_1998 Copy.jpg

I will say that the coat of the season has been the Teddy Coat. Not only is super cute, its one of the warmest coats I own. There are several brands that came out with teddy coats in plus, but I went with this belted pink version from Eloquii. It is slightly oversized, so the 18/20 worked perfectly for me cause I can layer up without having to worry about not having enough room. Have you been embracing more pink in your life? Or is there another pastel in your life that you are coveting? Let me know in the comments. Muah!

Plus Size Teddy Coat

Happy Valentine's Day

Hello Hello Lovers!!

I wanted to share a little red monochrome look for Valentine’s Day. Even though I am not the biggest fan of the holiday, I will say that over the years, the switch from it just being all about romantic partners to opening it up to celebrate yourself, or your best gal pal, has me thinking differently. Now don’t get me wrong, I am still not going out on V-day, I rather do something low-key like have dinner at the house., but this look is definitely something you can wear to work, enjoying some grub with your favorite gal pal, or catching a concert with your boo!

IMG_2585 Copy.jpg

I received this great sweater for Christmas from KayJay. It’s a super chunky turtleneck cropped number from Astra Signature. Astra Signature is a brand created by blogger Sometimes Glam. I own several pieces from her line and I have yet to be disappointed with anything of hers. I have a soft spot for chunky knits and this one is my new fave. I’m wearing a 2X and it fits perfectly. It’s definitely cute with its bold color, but this sweater kept me warm which is major. Shooting in the winter can be tough, but this sweater did a great job of keeping the cold out.

Loving this pink lip with an all red look. Lippie is called  It’s Happening !

Loving this pink lip with an all red look. Lippie is called It’s Happening!

When one loves and wears a bunch of cropped items, I wear them with high waisted bottoms. Either a skirt that sits high on my waist or high waisted pants. Paperbag pants have been all over the place, and when I saw these bright red ones on sale, I added them to the cart immediately. These came with a belt, but when I tied it a bow or knotted it, I wasn’t feeling . The pants have a bit of stretch to them, so I went with a 16. The pleating around the waist is a nice touch. It’s one of those pants that calls for you to tuck in your top and show it off and if you are not the type to tuck your tops in, they still look good regardless.

Eloquii Paper Bag Pants

Since I was rocking all this red goodness, I went with my white booties and moto. This is definitely a look that wither worn together or separately the pieces play well together or still can be stand out pieces with other looks. I would wear the sweater with a leopard skirt and gold metallic shoes, or the pants with a long line denim jacket belted. You really can’t go wrong. So what are your plans for Vday? Staying home, going out, pretending it doesn’t exist…let me know in the comments!

Eloquii Pants

Sleep Tight

Since college, I have been programmed to work more and sleep less. My body has been used to less than 5 hours of sleep for years. Once that becomes your routine, it’s very hard to break. When my sleep dropped down to 3-5 hours a night, due to constant tossing and turning, I knew it was time to get a new mattress. I got new sheets, new pillows and a new mattress, but my quality of sleep did not get better. I still tossed and turned and would wake up in the middle of the night. In the mornings when I woke up, I felt more tired than when I went to bed. With a demanding job, the blog, and still trying to maintain somewhat of a social life, a good nights rest can help. If you are not giving yourself that chance to reset yourself with the proper rest, you are susceptible to burn out. Burn out is very real, and with us having so much on our plate, you have to take care of yourself. One of those ways to do it is to get the proper rest, and with Big Fig, I am able to do so.

Sitting cozy in my pj’s. PJ Top and Bottoms, and sleep mask from Eloquii.

When it comes to my health, from time to time, I deal with low levels of B12. Anyone that knows when you are B12 deficient, one of the major issues is fatigue. The type of fatigue, that after being awake for an hour you want to go back to sleep. Here is the downside of taking naps when you are B12 deficient- it makes you even more tired than you already were. Sleep should energize you, not make it worse. With my old bed, I was taking a lot of naps and just not getting the energy I needed. My first week with my Big Fig was life changing. I woke up not wanting to go back to sleep. At that time, I was still getting 5-6 hours of sleep, but the quality of my sleep improved. I don’t feel sluggish at all, and that is due to a good night’s rest. Now, that it has been three months since I received my new bed, I am getting 6-8 hours of sleep a night. Never would have thought I could sleep that long and wake up feeling refreshed.

Getting Figgy With It
You see how thick that mattress is? I went with the high profile boxspring

You see how thick that mattress is? I went with the high profile boxspring

What I love about Big Fig is that they are designed for us in mind. It’s the first mattress designed for plus size people. The mattress is made of a hybrid springs and high density foam which not only provides firmness and comfort but prevents sagging. In less than a year with my old mattress, there were spots that were sagging. Even with me rotating the mattress every month, I still dealt with spots that sagged, which leads to body aches. I tend to overheat while I sleep and with Big Fig’s ThermoGel Cooling Technology, I sleep throughout the night not waking up in a sweat. With any good mattress, a good foundation is needed as well. The boxspring or foundation construction allows it hold 5x more weight than a standard foundation. The frame for the bed is made of recycled railroad steel which can support weights up to 2000 pounds. With that amount of support, you don’t have to worry about not being supported regardless of your size.

I went with the full size mattress with the 9 inch platform versus the standard platform which is 5 inches. I wanted my bed to sit up higher than the ones I had in the past. My mom says I have a Princess & The Pea bed, but I do enjoy being higher up, especially when I am watching tv. Even with the mattress being so plush, I am still able to have a mattress pad as well as my sheets on my bed with no worries. The frame even allows me to store things under my bed, which is great because the more you can maximize space the better.

Closeup shot of the mattress…so plush

Closeup shot of the mattress…so plush

My room is my everything. I don’t have a home office, so it’s where I work, as well as relax. Whether I am on my laptop editing posts, or binging the latest Netflix shows, this bed allows me to both comfortably with a great amount of support. The past three months with this bed has changed how I sleep. We all talk about the importance of self care, but when you think about it, getting the proper sleep needed is a form of self care. Big Fig definitely is here to help everyone get a great nights rest. That is definitely something that we all deserve.

IMG_2489 Copy.jpg

If you are in the market for a new bed, this is the time to do so. Big Fig offers free shipping on any purchase regardless of size. Also they have white glove service, as well as an option to remove your old mattress. for an additional fee. They also have a 120 night trial. That’s right, you can give Big Fig a go, and if you don’t love it, then you can call and they will come and remove the mattress and issue you a refund. On average it is recommended that you replace your mattress every 8-10 years, with a Big Fig they are expected to last longer than average. Any good mattress is an investment, so you definitely don’t want something that is not going to last. Big Fig makes a product that is going to last and the reviews prove such. Ok, you have heard all the great things about Big Fig, head to their site to check it out for yourself. Since sharing is caring, if you use code STYLEOVERSIZE you can save some coin!! If you get a new mattress, please make sure to tag me! Muah!!

*** This Big Fig Mattress was gifted to me for a review but all opinions here are my own. 

Winter White

Wearing white after Labor Day has been up for debate over the years. For me, I stopped taking this as a mandatory rule. I love white, and it looks great against melanin, so any chance I can wear it, I will. I’ve been living with the wear what you want mantra for some time, but last year things changed a bit and wearing white was not an option.

Now I know your body changes as you get older, but I was experiencing longer, heavier periods. It happened over time. One month I would be fine, the next extremely tired, and then the next back to a lot of pain. I was out in Atlanta for TCF while I was on my period. No big deal right? Wrong, after 5 days my period would not go away. I had an appointment scheduled with my gyn so I was going to go in and ask a lot of questions. By the time I visited her, I was on day 10 of my period. It was heavy and I just felt like my whole body was out of wack. I told her my issues, and she set me up for an ultrasound. I asked her could it be fibroids, (cause I was googling my symptoms trying to figure out something), and she told me it’s possible or it could be cysts. Though nervous, I needed to know what was going on with me and scheduled the ultrasound.

I found out I have not 1, but 3 fibroids. I was told they vary in size from 1-3 cm’s which are small, but I was still concerned. I thought once I received confirmation they were fibroids that would be the end of it, but no. Limit my stress, and change up my diet, simple enough. The ultrasound also showed a thickened uterine lining, so then they required a MRI because that was not normal for someone that is not pregnant. Here it is day 21 and I’m still bleeding. I attended Curvy Con with cramping, and a full blown cycle, but I made sure I rested and took my vitamins to keep up my strength. It’s hard dealing with something that you don’t really understand. One minute I would be fine, the next painful cramps and heavy bleeding. I avoided wearing anything light colored. I was constantly running to the bathroom. I’m not going to lie. I was scared. If my fibroids were small how could they be causing all this havoc on my body. I got the MRI, and it didn’t show anything. Well isn’t that wonderful- I felt like I was back at square one. Yes I knew what was causing issues, but having a period for a month at that point was cruel. I was mentally and physically exhausted at that point. My gyn decided that it could be time to switch my birth control. She felt that trying a birth control with a lower hormone would be better . Also, the last test she wanted to me to get was a uterine scrape. Yes you heard that right, a scrape. They scrape a sample from your uterus and test it for irregularities and cancer. I was not looking forward to it, but you gotta do what you gotta do. By the time I went to take that test my period finally stopped, and I was starting to feel better. The biopsy came back negative, so for now its about keeping these fibroids small by taking care of myself. I have been working on limiting my stress, and walking more, and getting more rest.

It’s been a couple of months since my diagnosis and I feel confident again to wear light colored clothing. I was soo afraid of having an accident I was avoiding everything. When I saw this cute set on Target’s website, I was at first not going to get it, but I knew I had to stop living in fear and go back to wearing what I want. The set was soo cute that I could not pass it up, and I went ahead and ordered. Who What Wear has been cranking out hits. There is always something from their monthly drops that I love. I got the sweatshirt in a 1X and its a great comfy piece to wear any time. The matching sweatpants are equally comfy and have a stretchy waistband. I do wish they had a drawstring, just cause sometimes waistbands can start to give, but regardless I still like them. Both pieces will be in heavy rotation. I decided to go all out with white and pair it with my white moto from Eloquii. I can safely say that this moto addict has the full spectrum of the rainbow (and I am not in the least bit ashamed about it #shopaholic). I ended out my look with my flatform oxfords from the Atlantic Pacific x Halogen collaboration from Nordstrom and a cute pom pom hat (both are sold out unfortunately).

I figured for this look, I would shoot it in front of an ice cream shop. Ice cream and wearing white has been associated with the summer, but now no one cares. Wear white, enjoy some delectable ice cream in the middle of January. For all my fellow women dealing with fibroids, don’t let them stop you from wearing what you want. Go to your doctor and seek alternatives, because you deserve to live your life without fear. I know this post was longer than most, but I really wanted to share my story. I know that I was scared and it was with the support of my friends and boyfriend, and a doctor that listened to my concerns and not tell me that my weight was to blame for my issues that I am able to get back to same old Jami.