Candy Land

Ok so my first board game was Candy Land. I lovvvvveeeedddd that game. I asked my Grammy & Mommy to play all the time. To keep the tradition going, I played with niece when she was little. It is the perfect game for little kids. It teaches little kids color and you can actually get through the game in less than an hour (cause kids attention spans these days are short). The game was my first foray with color, and it has stayed with me ever since.  

While scrolling on the gram, I saw these amazing steps. It was the perfect set up for any cool pastel look you want to do. To be honest the steps inspired this look as well as me doing a whole month of pink looks. 

Sugarfix Earrings

So you may or may not know that I love all things athleisure- sweatshirts, sneakers, and cool leggings. I love how the traditional sweatshirt nowadays comes cropped, with cool embellishments (the fur trimmed ones are my new favs), or in the form of fun dresses.

Reasons to get a sweatshirt dress

  1. They are comfy af- they are just soo soft & cozy
  2. Instant outfit maker- put it on and you are done
  3. Hella, hella cute

I first bought this Eloquii sweatshirt dress in the fall in black. Loved it soo much that when the pink one came out, I bought it immediately. I was going to get the grey one, but waited too long, and it sold out. I hope they bring it back in more colors. This dress is the best. Yes it is cozy, yes it is cute, but it has pockets, so that makes it hands down the best dress ever. It is a little on the stretchy side, so I ordered this in a 16, and it fit perfectly. If you want it more oversized, then size up. 

I decided to show the versatility of the dress by dressing it up with booties. I have been obsessed with my Halogen Anita white booties, and wear them every chance I get. The boot is currently on sale, but the white is sold out. If you are looking for a cute white pair, Eloquii just launched their Spring shoes with a white bootie. Theirs is a kitten heel, so if you are not about that 3 inch life, you can rock the Abba

When it comes to accessories, I have been gravitating towards statement earrings. My earring collection these days has exploded. My favorite are tassels, and these Sugarfix by Baublebar earrings are soo cute. These are a multicolored pair that go with soo much of the pastels that are in my closet. For $13, you can buy as many as you like and not feel bad at all. Target stay with the goodies, and this is why they are one of my favs. 

I have really embraced all things pastel. Are you all about it, staying away from it, or slowly giving it a chance? Let me know in the comments!!

Kicking It Around Town

One of my goals for 2018 is to travel more. It's real easy to just stay at home (especially when you live in NYC) and just use your vacation time to just catch up on all the things that you put off due to work. Don't get me wrong, a good staycation is everything, but this gal needed to get on a plane and get away- even if it was for a couple of days. 

Violeta by Mango Jacket

I took some time to visit my blogger boo The Real Sample Size in Houston. I've never been to Texas, so it was only fitting for my first trip out to the Southwest that I go to visit her. I got to check out Downtown Houston which is home to their stadiums, and their amazing mall that has some of the cutest spots for pictures. She also took me to 3rd Ward, where we gave Trap Brunch a go (brunching while listening & dancing to trap music), and other spots around the city to check out their massive murals. I also ate crawfish for the first time, and had hibachi (which I am now addicted to, thanks ShaKera).

When venturing around, I always travel with the essentials- tee, jeans, and sneakers. I'm on vacation, so I want all things comfortable. Now comfortable for me is this look, but for other's maybe not. Hey, at the end of the day it's about wearing what makes you feel your best. 

Lane Bryant Skinny Jeans

My jacket collection is pretty vast these days, so in order to catch my eye, it has to be a showstopper. This Violeta by Mango jacket that I got from Fullbeauty is definitely such. It was love at first sight. It's a satiny pink bomber with glitter accents, what's not to love? Violeta is a cool line with some great pieces that you can easily mix and match with your wardrobe. I am wearing a XL in the jacket which is a size 20. I hope that the brand decides to expand the line, because there are so many pieces a woman 20+ would love to wear. I paired the jacket with a simple mock neck tee (this one is sold out, but here is another one for $7), and my favorite curve hugging, skinny jeans from Lane Bryant. 

I will definitely say this - I have become obsessed with statement earrings. Having cool accessories can really amp up a simple look. I've had these Gabriela fringe earrings from Baublebar since last summer and they are definitely a fan favorite. Rose gold accessories just look amazing against the melanin. 



My sneaker addiction has been in overdrive as of late, and I have been loving all the new colorways of my favorite sneakers. The Nike Air Force 1 is one of my Top 5 favorite sneakers of all time, so when I saw them in this super cute blush color I bought- cause sometimes you just gotta "Treat Yourself".


These are an update to the classic AF1 called the Ultraforce. I consider it a sock hybrid sneaker since you don't have to lace them up for a secure fit.  It also has side mesh panels for breathability. This color is sold out, but it does come in 6 other colors. 

I definitely enjoyed my time in Houston. Another trip is definitely in the works. I would love to do a meet up with all of the lovely bloggers in the area, as well take some time to enjoy some Texas BBQ.

So what do you wear when you are kicking it around town? Share below!!! Muah!!! 


Tell Me About It Stud

I was a musical junkie as a child. My Grammy and I would watch all the ones that came on our local channel (back then my mom refused to get cable). One that always stood out to me was Grease. What I loved the most about Grease after the music was the clothes. They were fun, retro and just soo cool. I loved the end when Sandy got her cool girl on with a moto jacket.

Her look was a little bit of the inspo for this look. As you may or may no know, I am moto obsessed. I have a section in my coat closet dedicated to them. I am always on the hunt for ones that are in fun colors or have embellishments. One jacket that I was seeing on the runways was an off the shoulder version. First thoughts was like this is hella badass and I need it in my life. Now the challenge, to find this in plus. At first it was a no go, then I got an email from Ashley Stewart and behold they made one!!! When I was out in Houston, I visited the store and picked me up one.

Now the first thoughts are is this a practical buy....not really, but I will be wearing it especially when Spring decides to pop up. I love showing off my shoulders and this piece gives me the best of both worlds. Showing skin and still getting a chance to rock a moto. I am wearing a size 20 and I had enough room to move around and potentially layering it. I think it would cool with a button up underneath. 

When it comes to pants, my go to these days are the Kady pant from Eloquii. They come in myriad of prints and colors, and they have petites. Now these are an old pair and no longer are available, but I wanted to show how even though these pants are a couple of years old, animal print will never go out of style. 

Cool jacket- check. Fun pants- check, only thing left is a hot pair of shades and some black pumps. So lovers what do you think? Would I be the 2018 version of Sandy? LOL!!!

Got Me Twisted

Shein Sweater

I will say this winter, your girl has been wearing nothing but chunky knit sweaters and jeans. I just love being cozy as these colder temps just won't let up. This season there has definitely been an abundant amount of chunky knits with a twist. One of them being this cool knotted sweater from Shein. 

Shein has some really cute items on their site. If you recall, I wore their star sheer top and you guys really loved it. Now I'm back with another top, and I must say they are becoming my new go to for tops. The Drop Shoulder Twist Back Sweater is cute, cozy, and in the perfect shade of baby blue. I ordered this in a 2X and it fit like a dream. I wanted it slightly oversized and the 2X was the perfect size to still have some structure even though its slouchy. There is something sexy about this sweater- from the front you think it's just your typical sweater, but once I'm walking away- BAM!! When you don't expect something that's what makes it stand out. 

So when it comes to my jeans, once I find a pair that fit me great, I am buying them in all types of washes. I bought another pair of highwaisted skinny jeans from Lane Bryant after I fell in love with the black coated ones. When I am traveling, I always wear my most comfiest pair of jeans. I know many love a good pair of sweats when traveling, but believe it or not, I am my most comfortable in denim. Sweats at times can stretch out, and then I just feel sloppy. Denim can at least give you some structure and since it is the winter time, can keep you warm. Not trying to be cold up in these streets.

Lane Bryant Denim

I will say this, even though I have been living in my sneakers, when I do put on some shoes, it has been booties. I have bought into (literally) all of this season's trends, the sock bootie, the embroidered bootie, and of course the white bootie. I was looking for the right bootie that I can wear with everything and was not too high (3-4 inches is my max these days). The Anita bootie from Halogen hit all of my requirements, and now the bootie is on sale! So if you are looking for a cute versatile bootie, look no further. 

So lovers are you heavy into knits? What cool sweaters have you bought this season? Let me know in the comments!

3 Years and Counting

It's that time of the year! It's my 3, yes 3 year bloggerversary! The time is going, I must say, and I am proud of the blogger that I am becoming. When I started the blog, it was an outlet for me to share my passion with the world. I was working (still am), and the one way that I always felt for me as a way to express myself was through my clothes. It was the encouragement of friends to start the blog because they saw something in me that should be shared. When my best friend would tell me you need to start this blog, I would laugh because I felt there were already amazing bloggers already doing it. I didn't feel like my style was soo different that it would stand out. I was soo wrong. My style is a reflection of me, and no one can be me, but me. Yes anyone can wear a dress and some cute shoes, but no one will wear it like me. 

Three years is definitely something to break out the confetti. Actually the confetti gun was The Real Sample Size's idea. Blogging has really brought some dope women into my life. It's one thing to talk clothes, it's another when you have a team in your corner that gives you cool ideas to get the creative juices flowing. I will say that I am grateful for all that is in my life. Whether its helping me take pictures, giving me outfit critiques, places to go (and eat) or sharing dope walls that I can shoot at, I will never take them for granted. 

Eloquii Sequin Dress

For my bloggerversary, I decided to get away from NYC for a bit and head to Houston to visit The Real Sample Size. They have an amazing array of cute walls to shoot at, so I thought hey I can hang with my girl, shoot, and try the hot spots. When I say I had the best sweet tea in my life- lovers let me tell you. I am a sugar junkie. I was the kid that added way too much sugar to the Kool Aid (I kid you not). So when I tried the Sweet Tea at the Breakfast Klub I was soo in love. Don't get me wrong, the food was amazing, but that tea tho....I am still thinking about it and it's been over a week. Maybe RSS will send me

What's a celebration without a little sparkle. When I saw the Sequin Shift Dress, I knew I wanted to wear it for my bloggerversary. It was totally a Jami Jaye dress. I am a sucker for all things sequin, but the ease of the dress is what really sold me. We all know when it comes to dressing, I still want easy, fun, and comfortable, and this is the epitome of what I am looking for. The inner lining is made of a soft tee like material. Most sequin dresses have polyester or stiff like linings so it's cool that this feels like your favorite tee. Even though this is a sequin dress, I would totally wear this with a blouse underneath to make it a daytime look, or with a denim jacket and Adidas Superstars to treat it as a casual dress. To be honest, I do not think there is any wrong way to wear this dress. 

I have been looking for the right outfit to break out my sock booties, and this dress was it. Sock booties are so on trend this season, and I found mines at my favorite place Tar-Jay. The Cady comes in three colors and for less than $40 you can buy all three and not feel bad at all. The pink is a nice and bright, the red is classic, and having a white boot is 'it' color of the season. The height is perfect at three inches, and they are super comfortable. Lately, I have been all about that sneaker life, so wearing a pair of heels that were really comfortable made me happy.   

I want to thank everyone that has liked, read, shared a post. Without all of you on Instagram, and Facebook I would not be here. To all the bloggers that have share my photo's, to the websites that have featured me, you are appreciated. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING AND LET'S GO YEAR 3!!!!!