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Hello Lovers!!!

No you know I love trying new items, especially when it comes to beauty & tech, and this combines my love of both. This toothbrush right here definitely needs to be shared with everyone. No seriously, this toothbrush is a game changer. Smile Brilliant- the company that has created the perfect at home whitening system, now has an ultrasonic electric toothbrush.

The cariPro electric toothbrush kit comes with two premium brush heads made with Dupont bristles and built in tongue scrapers (because you should never neglect your tongue), and a charging base. Where most electric toothbrushes just come with one setting, the cariPro has five. I’ve tried all of them all, and the great thing is that you can use multiple modes to customize your desired cleaning experience.

Clean is your standard cleaning mode

White has a stronger pulse than Clean Mode to get your teeth the whitest.

Massage gives your mouth a nice massage, I use this after I’m done with clean & white mode.

Gum Care provides cleaning along the gum line. Healthy gums, healthy teeth, healthy mouth!

Sensitive is great for my sensitive teeth lovers. It still leaves your mouth clean but it’s easier on the teeth and gums.

I’ve been trying it for a week and I do notice that my teeth are whiter and overall my mouth feels cleaner each and every time I use it. Starting at $119 it’s a great and affordable item that will last. You know sharing is caring, so I have a chance for you to win one of your own! All you have to do, is click here and you can win one for yourself!!!

*This is a sponsored post, but all opinions are my own.


Can't believe how fast the TCF Style Expo came and went!! I am definitely going to do a roundup of the vendors I visited, goodies I bought, and share the runway action, but I received so many inquiries on what I wore, that I wanted to share this asap!


I have been creating my own suiting of sorts, and this bomber/pant situation from Lane Bryant was the perfect look for Day 1. I fell immediately for these wide leg pants. I love the Allie fit, they just work for my body type. The wide waistband stays in place and accentuates my waist, and the length is perfect for my 5'5" frame. In the Allie I wear a size 18 which gives me enough room in the thighs without having a gaping waistband. For a fun twist, the matching jacket wasn't a blazer but a bomber. I am wearing a 18/20. 

Has anyone checked out Target's New Brand Wild Fable? If not, you should. It's an ode to all things 90's and I feel that there are pieces out there that a myriad of people would like. What's also great is that the brand carries plus and most of the plus is in stores! A couple week's back I tried on some pieces on my Instastories (are you following me on IG, if not, you need to). One of the items I picked up was this cute striped crop top. I am wearing a 2X, and its a great fit. Comfy, and stretchy! When it comes to florals, I always like to mix in some stripes or polka dots to keep it fun. It's also a very chic and easy way to mix prints. 

To finish out my look I went with my Steve Madden Debbie block heel shoes and my Fossil Finley bag. When walking around an expo, I went with a pair of shoes that I can wear for several hours without wanting to throw them out and run away in the other direction. Any shoe that I can wear for more than 5 hours is a keeper in my opinion. I wanted an easy going bag that can hold all my essentials without being bulky, and my Fossil Finley bag was perfect for the weekend. Cute, and comfy is the goal while checking out panels and talking it up to the vendors. For the party to celebrate Marie's 10 Year Anniversary, I rocked a cute pink maxi dress from Eloquii (which is on sale, so check it out before it's all gone).


For the last day of the expo, I went with another suit, this time from Premme. I've had this suit in my closet since it launched earlier this summer, but I was waiting for the perfect time to wear it. The expo was it. This is sold out, but they should be dropping some new items completely worthy of being in your closet. With the suit being a pink plaid- a'la Cher from Clueless, I thought it would be cool to wear a mesh tee from Simply Be and matching bra from Elomi.

Elomi is one of my go to brands for bras. They make beautiful bras that accommodate a large bust. I am a 38K in their bra's so finding something that provides comfort, support, and looks great will keep me as a repeat customer. The Anushka  is a pretty pink and black lace bra. This style comes in a plunge style, but plunge bra's are not my speed so I am wearing the version that is more of a full coverage. 

I ended my look with some sneakers to give it a cool girl vibe. These are the Nike Blazer and I must say that they are the lightest, comfortable sneaker I own. Since I was running back and forth between panels and talking to vendors, these sneakers definitely came in handy.

Now that my #ootd's are out of the way, stay tuned to my recap of the expo, and 3 reasons why you need to attend! Later lovers!!

Jumping Jumpsuits

If you are following me on IG and checking out my stories, you will see that I have been obsessed with jumpsuits all summer. I just love how its an easy way to look super chic without a lot of effort. Between rompers and jumpsuits, I have been rocking them hard whether it's to the office or hanging out on the weekends.

When this jumpsuit popped up on the site, I had to have her. I love denim, so any opportunity to rock denim outside of the traditional jean, I'm down. Outside of chambray, I rarely wear denim in the summer due to NYC humidity, but this jumpsuit had me not thinking about the humidity and thinking of how cute it's going to look. When I received this jumpsuit in the mail, I loved that it was nice medium weight denim that was stretchy. I like medium weight denim since it hardly wrinkles. Chambray easily wrinkles, and I want to say that it's attributed due to the lack of lycra. Also having a jumpsuit with stretch just allows for way more ease of movement. 

Since I was going to be in the park all day, I kept it simple with these rainbow slides from J Crew. I have amassed quite a bit of a collection this summer, and I am not in the least bit shamed about it. I have wide feet, so I sized up to a 9 versus my normal 8.5 medium shoes to ensure that I have enough room across my foot. The Cora sandal comes in other colors, so if the rainbow is not for you, there are other options and the best part they are all on sale. 

My jumpsuit collection has skyrocketed this year. There has been so many cute options, that I just could not pass them up. I linked some of my favorites from Eloquii below, so let me know if you have indulged in some jumpsuit love too. 

I had a great time at Curlfest. It felt good to catch up with the blogger boo's, get some cute new wraps and check out all the new hair products. Even bf got him some cool items from the Shea Moisture booth. I really hope they do something about the reception in the park cause so many of my friends were there and I couldn't find them cause literally my phone said "No Service". Regardless of that, I am looking forward to seeing it continue to grow. So many of my friends loved what they were able to see on my IG Stories that they are going to come next year. Hmm, I guess this means I gotta do some serious planning- maybe a cool tent, and a grill- we shall see. 


My younger self would tell you suits are terrible and boring. They are for bank managers, and government officials. Now in my thirties, I view suits in a completely different way. They can mean business, but you can also have fun with them. There is no wrong way to wear a suit these days, and I am proving it by rocking an all white suit in a fun casual way. 

I am a blazer addict- they are a great way to spruce up a look without a lot of effort. I am wearing a tee shirt and shorts, but the blazer pulls everything together and makes it chic. The Bryant blazer from Lane Bryant has been my go to this year. They have made several different versions (ponte, lace sleeves, off the shoulder), and the fit it perfect. I wear a 18 or 20 in blazers due to my arms and chest, and these give you the room to move around. Nothing worse than feeling restrictive in your blazer. Since this one is lined, I went with a 20. I love the nautical vibes with the gold buttons. Even though this blazer is white, you will definitely see me in it way after summer is through. 

Suits can be fun just by adding items with cool detail, like these Allie Scallop Shorts. Suits can read serious, but with pairing the blazer with shorts with cool detailing it makes it casual. I have been a fan of the Allie since their debut last fall, and with them adding new silhouette's, there is an Allie for everyone. The waist band prevents gapping, and these are one of the most comfortable shorts I own. Wearing shorts this length for me was a no no when I was younger, but I am at a point in my life that why should I not wear something I like cause of what someone might say. These are my thighs, and these thick thighs are enjoying their summer in shorts, dresses, and whatever else I want. 

My collection of graphic tee's continue to grow with the addition of the Etoile tee from Asos. Etoile means star in French, and I feel quite Parisian in this outfit with my red lip and cool shades. Asos has so many cool items, and the Daisy Street brand has some gems. 

I ended out my look with my new sneaker of the summer, all white Nike Blazer low tops. My summer sneaker for the past two summers has been the Adidas Stan Smith, but when I went to get a new pair, they were sold out in my size. So when I was browsing Footlocker for another white sneaker these popped up on sale. They are extremely lightweight and they are very comfortable. Just to avoid a sold out situation, I may buy another pair for next

So lover's what do you think of my casual summer time look? 

His & Hers- My Adidas Edition

Rocking matching outfits has always been something associated with things that couple do. It can be theme driven, holiday inspired, or just simply done cause it's Tuesday. I've always thought its fun to wear coordinating outfits, whether it's planned or not. One night while I was driving through Brooklyn, I saw this Adidas wall. When driving around NYC, I take notice of any cool walls that can inspire a look. I'm big on finding locations that with the right outfit creates the perfect synergy. So when I saw this wall, I said to my boyfriend we should shoot this together in some cool Adidas gear. He was like "Hell Yeah"

As two people that love hip hop and fashion, us doing Adidas is our way paying homage to the culture. Adidas Superstars were worn with the fat laces, and were made popular by Run DMC. As their popularity increased Adidas saw how rappers had a stadium full of people rocking Adidas, and gave them a contract. They were the first rappers to get a multi million deal. Our style, the music, the way we just live proved to companies that this music was more than just beats and scratching- it was a major culture that still till this day heavily influences all facets of life.

Kay already knew what he wanted to wear, he was going with the traditional track suit. I thought he was going to go full blown retro with Superstars, but he switched it up and went with his Adidas Conductor Hi with the matching socks. Yup- he just had to show off his socks matched his kicks. I have Superstars, so that was my ode to the culture, but what can a plus size gal wear that works with her style and works with theme. I've always loved Adidas apparel, but when it came to finding something to fit- that has been a challenge. Yes, I can easily wear items from the men's section, but I feel that when you are plus size and you want to wear something cool from a brand that does not carry plus, you have to go to men's section- I wanted to task myself and see if I can find women's apparel. 

I went to the Adidas site to see perhaps if they might have expanded their size offerings. With Nike & Puma dabbling in plus, I was sure that Adidas would come on board. On their site, still no plus, but Simply Be has a small capsule of items. There were leggings and a track jacket, but I wanted something different. So I decided to take a chance, and give the straight sized items on the Adidas website a go. The worse that could happen is that I would have to send it back. I love anything with mixed prints, so when I saw this polka dot skirt with the tropical print waist band, I said ok this is something that's definitely up my alley. Don't you hate when you see something you like, click on it, to see there are only two sizes left, S & L? The way I looked at that screen you would have thought it insulted me. What to do, what to do- the skirt is soo me. There are plenty of times, I talk myself out of something, but that day I said order it. Yes, this size 16/18 plus size woman, ordered a size L in a skirt. 

When I received the skirt, I said ok let's hurry up and try this on so I can send it back. I put it on, and it fit! With it being a line, my hips and tummy have all the room it needed and in no way did I feel restricted. The waistband is stretchy with a drawstring so it was snug on my waist not tight. Knowing that I could fit this L skirt, I will definitely give XL from them a try. I know that sizing varies by item, and you must try things on, but I am going to stop dismissing straight size items. Once the skirt was a keeper I decided a crop top would be the best option. I wanted to ensure that I show off the mix print, and it's the summer, so it is that time to show off the middle. I went with a XL in the top, and it's really stretchy. I decided against one with a cap sleeve since I knew with my arms it would look way too small.  

I will say that I was really worried that I was not going to find something for this post. As a major athleisure lover, when it comes to the major brands majority of them do not have plus. Nike has the biggest offering online as well through other retailers & Puma is on Asos. The majors definitely have a lot of room to add to their assortment. It's cool to know that I can give straight size a go and could find something that works for my body, but what about anyone else that is bigger than an 18? Adidas is really missing out- this skirt alone is a major piece that is so versatile no one would even guess its from them. Any body- plus or straight can rock this skirt.  

This was definitely fun to do with my boyfriend. Now I am wondering what else should we tackle together? Any suggestions?