Year 1: Bodega Run

As me and Kay Jay celebrated our one year anniversary, he thought it would be a great idea if we got matching Jordans. The Retro Jordan 6 Infrared is an ode to all things 90’s. The sneaker originally was released in 1991, and was the sneaker Air Jordan wore when he won his first championship. It’s on a lot of sneakerheads list as one of their favs. For me, it was the first pair of Jordans I asked my mom for (did not get them btw), so this was chance to get one of the first sneakers I wanted as a kid. It’s kinda a right of relationship passage- getting matching sneakers. Nothing shows your love, like matching outfits and sneakers….lol. Even though when it comes to style, Kay Jay & I like the same things, I don’t see us wearing the exact same outfit. We can, however, rock the same brand, and share them here on His & Hers.

Jordan Retro 6

For our latest collab, when we think of the 90’s in addition to a crisp pair of Jordans, Tommy Hilfiger comes to mind. Its classic Americana style was all up and through the fashion growing up. Now that Tommy has plus sizes at Macy’s, I felt this was a great brand to showcase for His & Hers. Growing up, it was hard to find Tommy in women’s. I wore men’s clothes. It worked cause, the style was all about oversized, but now as an adult, I may not want to steal his sweatshirts. I found us these great sweatshirts for an amazing price (each sweatshirt was no more than $30. Both are no longer on the site, but similar items on sale are linked below).

IMG_3934 Copy.jpg

With a lot of brands from the 90’s making a comeback, regardless of your size you want to be able to rock your faves. Nice to know that I can add Tommy to the list to find throwbacks or cutesy dresses. Having the option to wear brands you like is key.

In NYC, most of the time if you were chilling with your boo it was at the bodega. It was the meet up spot. You would go there and stand out front talking crap and eating chips, so when I was scouting spots for our shoot, I knew that this bodega would be the perfect backdrop. The bodega is always the heart of the neighborhood. It’s where you get your chopped cheese, your icees, as well as the local gossip.

Have you been buying 90’s inspired clothing? Are you happy with the 90’s trends coming back, or do you wish it would just go away? Let me know in the comments.

New Beginnings

Since you guys are loving my His & Hers posts with Kay Jay, I have decided to add this as a section to the blog! This will be your resource for all brands that cater to both plus & men so you and your boo can rock out together in style.

In addition to adding new section to the blog, both Kay Jay & I started new jobs in 2019!! Here’s something else crazier, our acceptance letters were a day apart! Talk about kismet right? We were sitting discussing our new positions, and it dawned on us, this might be a good time to refresh our work wardrobe. Kenny’s previous position required a uniform, so now that he is in a position that is a business casual environment, he needed more options in his closet. I had items I could wear, but I felt that I needed some pieces that can take me from the office to after work events. Thankfully Stitch Fix was up to the task to help us enhance our wardrobe.

Before I get into what we received, I wanted to tell you all about Stitch Fix. It is a styling service that delivers items to your home for yourself or any one in your family (the service has straight, plus, mens, & kids clothing). Once signed up, you fill out your Style Profile and your stylist uses this information to send you items that work within your budget and lifestyle. Love it, then keep it. Need to exchange? No worries (I had to exchange the dress I wore in this post, and all I did was request a smaller size and within days I had the new item). Or if it just doesn’t work out for you, just send it back. Another great thing about the service is that you can leave messages to your stylist. Let them know that you are interested in a new brand, or that you want to see items less than $50. You are definitely in control of what you want or don’t want with Stitch Fix. If this intrigues you, then go ahead and sign up here. Clicking on this link will get you a $25 credit when you sign up!!!

Look #1 Rocking Florals Together

Rocking Florals is totally office appropriate

Rocking Florals is totally office appropriate

Stitch Fix hooked us both up with some florals (which was totally not planned by us) so we decided to pair it and rock it for our first look. Our Stitch Fix stylists really got us down pack with our looks. My stylist really had me pegged with the blazer, and Kay Jay’s stylist gave him something fun, but still professional.

Tackling Sprinter with a smile

Tackling Sprinter with a smile

Now in my office every day is Casual Friday, so I can wear jeans any day of the week, but I know that is not the case everywhere else. So for those that are looking for a great, professional work friendly look, then look no further than the fan favorite a blazer. This one here is not your average blazer, it is a floral velvet blazer! What I love about this Tahari ASL Annette blazer is that the colors are on the darker scale, so it doesn’t feel too bright for the office. Also, with it being velvet, it can keep you nice & warm in this Sprinter (Spring & Winter) weather. I am wearing a size 20 in the blazer and its fits perfectly throughout the arms and back. The weather has been warm one minute then cold the next so this blazer definitely helps combat the back and forth. Also, at times it is freezing in my office, so this blazer has definitely kept the cold out while working. I paired it with a turtleneck and these great Kut from the Kloth frayed jeans (size 18, but I could have sized down) that were also a part of my box, and ended out the look with a suede bootie.

Kay Jay’s look is good for Casual Friday due to his floral button up. When wearing prints such as a floral, one with just a simple color scheme like how this one still adds a point of interest, but is completely wearable and appropriate for the office. His shirt is from the brand Ezekial and he paired his shirt with a pair of grey slacks from Flag & Anthem (pants are a size 36). He ended out the look with one of his favorite shoes, a pair of Clarks Wallabee’s.

Kay Jay getting his modeling on

Kay Jay getting his modeling on

Look #2: Day To Night

With our new positions, we definitely have more time for after work functions. Actually, our dance cards are filling up these days with events, meetings, or just us taking some much needed “bae time”. For us to go home and change to then go back out, is not an option, so having pieces in our wardrobe that can take us from day to night is vital. For me, that includes a great dress that doesn’t require a lot of fuss but has a ton of payoff. For Kay Jay, it’s layering pieces and a good pair of footwear.

This is Us…laughing about pure and utter randomness

This is Us…laughing about pure and utter randomness

I love wearing dresses to work because they are instant outfit makers. I love fit & flare dresses, but I have been trying other silhouettes for work and loving the results. One such dress is this black ribbed puff sleeved dress. This dress is called the Bevy from Eloquii and it has the comfy benefits of your favorite tee, but still looks great for the office & beyond. I am wearing a size 18. I wanted it to fit but not be tight. For the daytime, I paired this with my black booties, and if I was to meet up with friends for dinner, I can throw on my studded heels. I would also wear this dress on the weekends with a parka and low top sneakers to do some running around.

Kay Jay favorite color is black, so it was nice to see that his stylist incorporated more color with these cool trousers from Mavi. The golden neutral color played nice with the Hawker Rye stripe oxford and grey sweater (both in a L). Believe it or not, these are Toms shoes! Yes, these brogues became one of his favorite item from the box. They are extremely comfortable and the navy blue color works well with most of his current wardrobe. The Preston brogue is a great shoe cause you can dress it up or down. He has even worn these with a pair of denim and they looked great.

Who else uses a new position, as a way to reinvent their wardrobe? I definitely take the time to use my wardrobe as a way of showing off my personality. Clothes have that power, and I take full advantage of using them to show the world who I am especially when I going into a new environment. Who else is on the verge of looking for something new? If you are in the market for new items to jumpstart yourself, check out Stitch Fix. I’m telling you, you will not be disappointed. With so many brands and stylists that are shopping for you in mind, I know that you will find that look that will have you showing off all of your teeth.

We definitely want to thank Stitch Fix for the amazing clothes. I am excited that I was able to add this new addition to the blog. Finding brands that not only work for my plus size body, but his 6’ frame is amazing, and I can’t wait to share more brands with my lovers! Until next time. Muah!