Essie Frock & Roll

Hello Lovers!!! I am excited to announce that Style Over Size will now be featuring beauty products. Outside of clothes, I do purchase a good deal of beauty products. Figured I should let my lovers in and let them know what I am trying out. 

Today's post is about my new polish from Essie. This lovely shade is called Frock & Roll from Essie's Fall 2015 collection. Frock & Roll is a deep espresso color with metallic flecks. I love how the color looks against my skin. Most shimmering polishes chip fairly quickly, but this in addition to Essie's Gel Like Top Coat lasted well over a week, which is great when you are always washing your hands like myself. I definitely recommend this shade if you are interested in trying a dark shade, but not something opaque, or if you are like me and just love something sparkly. All of the fall colors from this year's collection all have some shimmer to them, so there is definitely something for everyone to try.