I am always about anything that can make my life easier especially when it comes to makeup removal. During the week, my makeup routine is very minimal- a nice lippie and mascara and/or eyeliner. When I get home, there are times I beeline to my bed, but I never have to worry about falling asleep in my makeup since I have MoMoUP makeup removal wipes at my bedside.

These ingenious wipes fit over your finger, and all you have to do is swipe and throw away. They smell wonderful, and come in great packaging so you can just leave them at your night stand for a quick removal before bed. Also since these come individually packaged,  they are perfect for travel. I am still learning to travel with less stuff, but at least I do not have to worry about sacrificing the essentials. 

In regards to removal, they were able to take off the mascara and eyeshadow with no problem. For lipstick, I had to rub a bit to get all of the pigment off my lips, but that is expected since I have been wearing a lot of vampy matte lipsticks. Overall, I am very happy with the product, and for a box of 25 packets (2 in each packet for a total of 50 wipes) for $6.99 they are quite affordable. The product is available at Amazon and they also have a bundle with their Blotting Papers for $15.99. If you travel a lot, or like me and at times end up in your bed before taking off your makeup, definitely give these a try!

Until next time lovers!!!!