Luv Scrub

When I come across a product that I love so much, I just have to share. While on Essence's website, there is a segment called Dope Stuff on My Desk. The video's feature cool products that the Digital Fashion & Beauty Director Julee Wilson is  digging for the week. One of the products that caught my attention was Luv Scrub. Luv Scrub is an exfoliating wash cloth that leaves your skin oh so smooth. 

Luv Scrub was founded and created by Caroline Owusu-Ansah and is based out of Brooklyn, NY. The Luv Scrub is based on the wash cloths that have been used in West Africa for generations to gently exfoliate the skin. What makes Luv Scrub unique is the texture of the the mesh. What I love about this product: it's fairly large so that you can easily exfoliate your entire body. With just a loofah it's hard to reach your back, but this baby has you covered. Another bonus- I have been using the product for a week and my skin just feels more amazing each and every day. I use this in conjunction with my favorite body scrub and the results have exceeded my expectations. 

Luv Scrub is made from 100% nylon so you will not have to worry about germs and it is cruelty free. The product comes in two colors, teal (the one I own), and azul. The biggest question- Is this worth the $18 price tag. It most definitely is. I spend about $4 on a good loofah from Bath & Body Works. I replace them every other month, so in a years time I have used 6 loofah's. Luv Scrub lasts 18 months! Yes...18 months! So for 18 months worth of loofah's, I would have spent $32. Luv Scrub has saved me $16 and on top of that my skin looks great. That is a win that must be shared. Besides, who doesn't want smooth great looking skin? If you are all about exfoliating, get this product. Even if you have no clue about the importance of exfoliating, get this and you will see the difference in your skin.

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