Some TLC

When we look to give our body some TLC, do you ever think about all that we do to our nails? We make sure we moisturize and exfoliate, and use sunscreen, but when it comes to our nails, as long as you squeeze in a manicure here and there, it's all good. Essie has taken self care to a whole new level by creating these super cute polishes designed to strengthen your nails while still giving you a little color. 

The TLC collection (which is short for Treat, Love & Color) is Essie's first ever nail treatment and color combo. Claims are that after a week of use, nails strength will increase due to 35% less breakage and 60% less peeling. I suffer from breakage and peeling as soon as I remove a nail color, so I was definitely interested in giving these a go. I did notice an improvement with my nails. I did not have the polish on for a full week, it was about 3-4 days, but they did look brighter and less stressed. 

From left to right- Laven Dearly, Treat Me Bright, and Sheers to You

The collection comes in three sheer colors. The first color is Laven-Dearly. This one is my favorite out of the three. It's a sheer pearly grey purple and it looks amazing against the melanin. I am completely kicking myself for not taking pictures of my mani, but I will be wearing this shade again very soon and I will make sure I post it on Instagram. For those that love a good white mani, there is Treat Me Bright. White polish looks amazing on everyone, and this is great for my white mani lovers. The last in the collection is Sheers to You, and its your classic light pink. It's as if Ballet Slippers got mutant super healing powers. For $10, these treatment polishes are definitely worth adding to your collection. We all want great looking, healthy nails, and you can strengthen your nails while having a cute mani. I feel that is a win-win. All three are available online at and where Essie polish is sold. Muah!!