That Highlight Tho

It's in every makeup bag. You double, even triple up on them. What is it? Highlighters. In all its glowy goodness. I have become a junkie for a good highlighter, I just love seeing that glow when the light hits it oh so right. When I first started wearing them, I kept it on the safe side and went with golds, coppers, or rose gold. Now that I have tried all the metallic highlighters out there, I wanted to expand on my highlighter game, and try different shades. So in the pursuit of trying new things, I have two new highlighters in my collection that I am excited to share. 


Becca is known for their highlighters, so when this one came out I wanted to give it a try. I was at first concerned if the color would even show up on my skin, but when I swatched it at Sephora I was impressed. It's a cool color that plays well when I wear purple or navy. If you like experimenting and looking for something that gives the unicorn desired look without the concern of it looking ashy, give this one a try. 


When new products launch, I will go to to store and see how it looks on my skin. Most think that with my shade, I can wear anything. I wish. Like all women of color, I test and test. When the Justine Skye highlighter came out I was intrigued. She is known for her love of purple, so I was expecting something along the lines of the Becca. To my surprise it was more of a purple pink. Definitely something I can wear with my bright pinks. It gives my skin a nice flush that there are times I wear it as a blush as well. 

When it comes to makeup, I have learned to just try it and see. There are shades that I thought I could never wear, and I was right, but then there are some that look soo good I would have missed out. Experimenting with my lip color has been the gateway for me to try different colors on the rest of my face. I am definitely not telling anyone to go from all neutrals to nothing but color, but if you are intrigued by a new lip color, eyeshadow, go and try it. You may end up with a new goodie. 



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