I love a good pair of knee socks, but I always had to deal with them being too tight around my calf, or by the time I got to work the socks were swimming around my ankles. Until there were more wide calf options for socks, I took it as an occupational hazard. 

                                               Rocking a Lane Bryant Embellished Sweater with a Forever 21+ Faux Leather Dress

And then came Xpandasox. These socks are PERFECTION! It has a stretch panel so that it can accommodate calves up 24 inches. Yes---all big calves can rejoice. My calves are around 17.5"-18" and these are the best. Since it was a wonderful day, I decided to give my socks a test run. I'm telling you, definitely support this company. The panel is made from breathable material so you are warm but still comfortable. I don't like wearing socks or tights at times because my legs get hot, but this stretch panel is the truth. I had them on all day and they did not fall down or cut into my legs. I am wearing the zebra print knee high socks from their Purrfect Goddess collection. I'm definitely going to get me some more, because these are great to wear with my all of my boots that I bought this season. What are you waiting for? Head to their site ASAP, and get you at least 2-3 pairs, because once you start wearing them, you will not want to wear any other socks. Lovers, you have been warned. Muah!!