I have been picking up some goodies from Modamix this season, and I can say I am quite hooked. Each collection that drops, there is at least 2-3 things that I want. Couple of weeks back I attended the Modamix x Hey Gorgeous Holiday party. I love chatting it up with the Modamix gals Sam & Ellice, and non-stop champagne. Modamix is now available at Hey Gorgeous and to celebrate, all Modamix items were 25% off. Discount you say- so of course I definitely had to check out what else I could add to the collection. 

When I saw Jessica, I knew she had to be mine. Not only is the sweater is soft, but the gold coating at the bottom just gives it some added oomph. For me the simplest things make the most impact. This sweater is only available at Hey Gorgeous, so ladies pick it up or sit in regret (My only regrets are clothes that I waited too long to buy). When I was talking to the Modamix ladies about the sweater, I said that I would wear this with some knee high boots, and so I did. These Ros Hommerson have been in my closet for a couple of years, but I never put them to good use. Why- have no clue, but I broke these bad boys out and strutted around the neighborhood. While this weather has been great to us New Yorkers, I am going to bask in it. To top off my outfit, I went with the Modamix Mori coat. Anytime I wear this coat, I receive so many compliments. If you are interested  in a new coat, definitely pick this one up. It's currently on sale, and if you don't want to go with classic black, it comes in royal blue. Now back to me strutting around. Muah lovers!!