On Saturday, The Lollipop Princess and I attended Target First Saturday to check out the Kehinde Wiley exhibit. His art fuses works of the old masters with people of the present. His use of color and attention to detail is exquisite. The following quote opens the exhibit  

His art is amazing, and the lines just to check out the exhibit are proof of his extraordinary talent. The first work of his that I loved was Naploean Leading the Army, but after seeing his sculptures there's competition for my favorite piece.

Check out the pics to the right from the exhibit.   

In regards to my outfit, I was soo happy that it was no longer single digits, I celebrated by wearing sheer and lace. I bought this super cute bra from Lane Bryant, and I wanted to show it off because the lace and cut out detail definitely needed to be seen. It's no secret that I love me a good pair of skinnies, and the two way stretch of these from Lane Bryant is a definite must have. Two way stretch holds it shape, which is good when walking around and sitting. There is nothing worse than every time you make a move you have to keep pulling and adjusting your jeans. Yeah, that's why they make belts, but I don't wear them like that lol. The top is an oldie but goodie from Forever 21. My flats are from Sam Edelman

If you are in NYC please support black art! The exhibit will be on display until May 24th.