Faux Real??

Leather and I have been close friends since the day my mom bought me my first butter soft belted jacket. There is something about leather that exudes sexiness, rebelliousness, and classic all rolled into one. Nowadays, you don't even have to purchase real leather to get the same effect. I do remember back in the day, faux leather was made horribly. It would crack and peel, and if you had a jacket that was peeling best believe it was made publicized in the schoolyard. Now, faux or for those that are bougie vegan leather is in totally different league. A lot of times you can not even tell if someone is wearing faux or real, and to be honest no one cares. 

Now that the temperatures have cooled off, I can wear my leather pieces without the fear of melting away. I decided to step it up and wear all leather. One thing that I will say now that I have started the blog, I am willing to try more different combinations of things. Will everything be a hit- probably not, but hey that's the beauty of it all. Now it's one thing to rock leather, its another to rock colored leather. Don't get me wrong I love black, but when I can get my hands on colored leather or suede it must come home with me. Looking at this picture, can you even tell which one is faux versus the real leather item?  

I paired Eloquii's faux leather culottes (I missed out the first time around when Eloquii first launched these, but I was not going to make that same mistake twice when I saw these lovely green ones) with a leather shirt from Halogen. Culottes on models look wonderful and flattering, which in turn means that the model did her job. When you are 5'5", you wonder if you are going to look all types of special. Over the summer, I gave Eloquii's windowpane culottes a try, and they were awesome, so going all out on a pair of green leather ones was a no brainer. I love that I look very polished and sleek, but at the same time the outfit is fun. To throw in a dash more of the 70's vibe into the mix, I went with the Shayla platform from Vince Camuto. These are some killer heels, but they are comfy enough to get me to my car...lol. Just kidding, these are pretty good with cushioning, and the platform makes a difference. Sexy, and comfy- perfect combination. My crossbody is from Michael Kors and my necklace is from Baublebar. Later!!