I remember when I first started going to was about 8 years ago. I wanted to try something new because I hated going to the gym to lift weights. I went to the Y and signed up for the Wednesday 7:30 session. I got to a packed class with the most peppy teacher named Peggy. She is not like your typical yogi (you know what I'm talking about, all monotone like a flower child). Peggy cracks jokes, tells stories about what it was like when she was learning yoga, and bakes cookies. Yes- cookies! After class she will pull out some chocolate chip or oatmeal cookies she has baked. I know, I am supposed to getting healthy and I am chomping down on cookies. Eh, oh Contrary to popular belief, her yoga class made you work. I felt it the next day, and I was hooked ever since. Any one that knows me Wednesday was my no plan day. There were plenty of times I passed on dates, or afterwork events because I wanted to go yoga. It helped me improve my breathing, and I definitely had less aches and pains. When I didn't have class, my mother could tell...she would say "You need to go see Peggy, you are getting angry." LOL!! She was right- yoga mellowed me out. It was because of yoga I wanted to work out more. Who would have thought yoga was the gateway to change my whole mindset about exercise. 

In the past year, the activewear selection has definitely stepped up. Lane Bryant's Livi collection has been a go to with their functional workout gear that looks and feels great. As most of you know Lane Bryant has been very big on collaborating with different brands to bring the plus size woman more options. Sophie Theallet's first foray with Lane Bryant was all lingerie (which was super cute), but this time around she tackled activewear. I loved all the pieces in the collection. Anything in a bright pink will always catch my attention, so when I saw the lookbook, I definitely headed to 34th Street to try on these pieces in person. The crop top is a must have (and it's fleece lined), so you can look cute and stay warm. The snakeskin print is a nice touch as well. I paired my crop top with the fleece lined joggers. Pink trim is everything. I originally tried on 18/20,  but they were a bit too roomy so I went down to a 14/16. What I loved about these joggers was the high waisted panel. With these you can do all the stretches you want and not have to worry about having plumbers crack, or having to fiddle with your pants because they are falling down. When it comes to footwear, I always like to wear something fun and unexpected, and these chukkas from Cole Haan are just that. These have been in heavy rotation because they are comfy, are animal print, and on sale. I went with the wide width version since a good deal of Cole Haan's fit on the narrow side. So there you have it lovers, my yoga approved, but you can also wear it to not do yoga approved outfit. How's my pose?