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One of the great things about blogging is the ability to meet new people at the random events that I get to attend. It was at the Lane Bryant Spring Preview when I got the chance to meet Natasha Nurse of Dressing Room 8. I am a pretty sociable person, but when she approached me and told me that she knew who I was- I was taken aback. As a baby blogger, I still blush when someone seasoned knows who I am and likes my work. Another reason why I was taken aback was her demeanor. She has this incredible chill peaceful vibe. It was different. We exchanged information and kept it touch. We as women are constantly pitted against one another. Why? Could be a myriad of reasons (socio-economical, psychological, etc), but she does not see competition. In this world where you are based on numbers, not content, when you meet people that want to better not only themselves but others, that's worth writing about. 

What do you love about fashion?

Fashion is art, and since we all wear clothes, it allows us all to be artists every day. You can decide who you want to present to the world based on the look you put together, which is very empowering. 

Natasha, Dressing Room 8



For those that do not know Natasha, she is creator of the site Dressing Room 8, and her work has been featured in Plus Model Magazine (joining the team is one of her biggest accomplishments besides launching her site) and The Curvy Fashionista, and she is a licensed attorney. So what made this attorney switch gears and pursue a career in life coaching? Her response "I’ve been coaching people through their personal and professional obstacles all my life, and have been told by many along the way that I should pursue it as a career.  I had never considered it seriously until I started Dressing Room 8. The goal of Dressing Room 8 from the onset was to spread a message of positivity as it relates to fashion. As my audience grew and I became more involved in the plus size fashion community, it became clear that there was a need for the services I could offer based on my personal and professional background. In fact, some of the successful women I interviewed on Dressing Room 8 are current business consulting/coaching clients of mine. I went from being a licensed attorney working full-time job that I didn’t enjoy to being the owner of my own business now, doing what I love to do and helping other women achieve their goals and feel fulfilled. I learned many valuable lessons throughout this process that hope to pass on to my coaching clients."

I admire Natasha for using her expertise to help women realize their full potential. It is easy in this life to become complacent, because at times we feel as long as things are going ok, we will be ok. What makes her different from other life coaches is that she ties fashion into her coaching. How? She says that "What I’ve learned from starting Dressing Room 8 is that there are many women that feel like they don’t have any sense of style or have low self-esteem because of their bodies. It made me realize that a lot of people view fashion as something that has an objective standard and as a result, is out of their reach if they don’t fit within that mold. From this, I saw a need to spread the message that fashion is actually approachable and can be used to feel good about ourselves; that the only standard in fashion is whether what we’re wearing makes us feel beauty and comfortable. However, this message is not that intuitive given what’s being presented on billboards and mainstream magazine ads, so it does take a bit of coaching to help see past all of what surrounds us. A lot of times, clients who seek a life coach are people who just want someone to talk things through with and come up with a plan of attack for whatever obstacles they’re dealing with, whether it be self-image issues, stagnating career, or lack of direction in life"


3 things that a woman should have in her bag?

 I would say a pocket mirror, lip gloss, and pen. A mirror because you should always be able to see yourself to make sure you’re presenting the image you want the world to see. Second, lip gloss is a woman’s best friend. A little bit of gloss goes a long way if you are about to have a meeting or meet someone special; throw on some lip gloss and you are good to go! Third, you should always have a pen because you should always be able to write something down. You never know who you are going to run into. If your phone happens to die, you should always be able to write down how people can get in contact with you. Plus, you’ll come off as prepared for whatever situation you are dealing with.  

There you have it lovers, Natasha & Dressing Room 8 is ON MY RADAR, and she should be on yours!

Definitely check her site out, it not only features her coaching services, but there is also her fashion blog covering a myriad of topics out in the Plus Size Fashion World. Muah!!!!

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