When I was younger I loved bold bright prints. The brighter the better. Then when I started working, wearing color was replaced with black. Black with black, black white a hint of white. Don't get me wrong I still will rock black and be proud, but wearing a bold print on a gorgeous day puts me in a better mood.   

I found this tribal scuba skirt on Ashley Stewart's website. A good midi is vital to my Spring/Summer wardrobe. I like to be comfortable, and a scuba midi can take me from work to rooftop bar without missing a beat (and might I add wrinkle free). This skirt is a pull on style, therefore I went with a 14/16. When wearing pull on skirts, I want them to be tighter on my waist since there is a chance the elastic can stretch and no one wants a droopy skirt around your waist. The skirt is on sale for $25 so it's a nice addition to your closet without breaking the bank. My top is a oldie but goodie laser cut top from Forever 21, but I did find one similar

Tribal skirt- tasseled shoes- umm yeah. I first posted these Vince Camuto Kathin sandals on my post Bzzzzzz, but did not take a close up. I am a sucker for ankle tie shoes. I am obsessed with them and I am not the least bit ashamed about it. My Dooney & Bourke Zip Satchel is still my favorite white bag. It's the perfect size to carry all your essentials. What do you think lovers? Are you willing to go tribal?