Out of all the different styles one can try, boho was not my favorite. I enjoy a good maxi, prints, but I just did not think I could pull it off without it looking forced. Years later, I have found myself figuring out how I can make boho my own. Off the shoulder tops are my obsession and it is through this super cute top from Violeta that I was able to give boho a try. 

I came across Violeta from Mango a year ago (My first post about them was this amazing leather cape). Without any stores in the US that carry the line, online has been my resource. Fullbeauty carries the line and there are so many great items that I added to my cart. The first was this flowy printed top. This top was an attention grabber, when I saw it, I knew I could wear it with so many different things. I bought the top in a 18 because I wanted to make sure I had enough room in the arms. This top has no stretch, so on the safe side I suggest sizing up so you can have room. For this post I went with the casual vibe and paired the top with a pair of jeggings from Fashion to Figure. These jeggings have been a mainstay in my wardrobe. They have the right amount of stretch without the worry of them stretching out. I wore my new flatforms, which was also a part of my Fullbeauty haul, and they are comfortable, cute and stylish. There are elements of boho with the paisley top and flatforms, but it's still all me. To bring out the pink in my top I paired the outfit with my bright pink Kate Spade crossbody. It's small, but it holds a lot. Great for the weekend. 

When trying different things, the key is making it work for you and what you like. Wearing jeans and flatforms worked for me but heels and a skirt could work for you. At the end of the day try different things and see how they work for you. You will never know how it can turn out if you don't try. When it comes to being plus size we tend to stop and think we can't wear something due to rules that we are told that we must listen to, but in actuality no one does. This blog has been my platform to not only wear what I love, but also try new things. If there is something you want me to try, let me know. Any questions, just ask. At the end of the day be you and be happy. Muah!