Independence Day

Besides the bbq's, fireworks, and the day off, the 4th of July is about our independence. Where a lot of posts will feature their best in red, white, and blue, or stars and stripes, I decided to go in a different direction. The 'appropriate' way to dress has always had a list of rules for plus size women. On the list of things that are not appropriate for us - shorts. I always wore bermuda shorts, to cover as much as thigh as possible. I always thought they were too big, not desirable at all. To the contrary of how I felt, were men who didn't have an issue with them. So then why let the negative thoughts in my head stress out about how much fabric was covering my legs. At the end of the day, it's all about wearing what makes you feel happy and comfortable. I'm not forcing you to wear shorts, but I do want women to just shed these 'rules'  and wear what you like. 

For my independence day, I went with Harper + Liv's distressed shorts. The amount of stretch in these shorts are what sold me on them. The more stretch in my shorts, the better they are for me. When you are a part of Team Thick Thighs stretch makes shorts easier to move in. The inspiration for this post was this Rachel Rachel Roy Curvy top. We get soo bogged down with what not to do that we forget that we can do anything. I love this mesh bomber from A.N.A. , and it's only $20!!! Definitely check this item out. For accessories, I went with my Circus By Same Edelman Eye Can't crossbody. My favorite wedges from Nine West ended out my look. 

How are you celebrating your freedom to do what you want? Giving a new trend a try, or maybe adding color? Sound off in the comments!! Happy 4th Lovers!!!!