LA Chronicles

I had an amazing opportunity to attend BlogHer in LA. Blogher is a two days conference, featuring vendors and speakers. The conference is all about getting women bloggers (and quite a few men) of all different backgrounds together and will host seminars to help take your blog to the next level. Before the conference, there were some things on my list that I had to do. 

First: Go to In & Out Burger

One thing that is always on my list to do when I land in Cali, is to get a double combo from In & Out. I love a good burger (to all the men out there, the way to my heart is burgers and cupcakes- find me greatness, and we are set), and In & Out is my go to when I'm here. After a five hour flight, a little comfort food, makes everything better. 

Second: Visit Torrid Headquarters

Living in NY, I get a chance to meet with a lot of the brands I love because they are based on the East Coast. Torrid, on the other hand is based in California, so when there are any events, unfortunately I can't attend. Since the IG Wives were heading out for BlogHer, I thought it would be a great idea for us to take some time out and visit Torrid Headquarters. Ecstatic could not describe how I felt when they agreed to meet with us and give us a tour. 

Darlene, Sandra and I got a chance to chat with Torrid's bra guru/designer, and talk about the challenges in plus size lingerie, as well as what Torrid is doing for the market. As a plus size gal that wears a 38H, it's hard to find bras that are 1. truly a full coverage bra 2. pretty 3. constructed well. Once you are past a DDD, the options for nice lingerie are cut in half. There are a lot more brands out there than before, but you have to put in the work and look for the right brand- and when I say look, I mean shop online. Options in stores are unfortunately very limited. Torrid is looking to expand their bra offerings past a G (YAY!!!). Great thing I learned about their process is that they will have tons of volunteers to wear the product as well as their employees. if the bra doesn't make the grade within a certain percentage, they go back and re-work the fit. I can respect the diligence the team puts in to their product. 

Next we got a chance to talk to the denim and dress designers. For those of you that have been following the blog, I am all about the boyfriend jean, but when I saw the girlfriend jean from Torrid, I wanted to give them a try. I must say, that I'm in love with this jean. I love their fit, they hug the curves, and come up on my waist. A lot of jeans gape in the back due to my butt, but these passed the no gap test. I went with a size 16, and they fit well on me. A lot of times denim starts off well in the morning, and by the end of the day, it's stretched out and looks sloppy. These took from the plane to the visit, without the least bit of sagging. Torrid is known for their great denim options, and they are expanding with more types of fits, lengths, and premium denim washes. When it comes to shopping, whether you are plus size or not, looking for a bra or jeans I feel are the hardest ones to tackle. I'm happy to say that Torrid is there for us to provide us options online as well as in store. 

Getting a chance to meet all the different people responsible was a treat and a great way to kick off my visit to LA. Stay tuned lovers for more fashion, fun, and sun in LA!! Muah!!