Cherish The Day

I'm an 80's baby, so that means I love me some R&B. Quiet Storm was a must listen when I was growing up. One of those singers that was always played was Sade. I loved her smooth voice and when I got the chance to see her videos her style was always on point. She rocked a ponytail and bold lip like it was nothing. She was the epitome of sexy meets cool, and she was one of my style icons in my tweens (In my youngun days- I was all about emulating my Mom & Miss Piggy). 

As the music loving stylish shopaholic that I am, when I saw this oversized Sade tee in Zara I had to have it. I have been feeling nostalgic these days listening to R&B from the 80's and 90's and most of that music comes from her. Since it is oversized I was able to wear a size L, and it fit perfectly. That is the upside to the oversized trend this season, you can easily wear items from straight sized stores and they fit well. Unfortunately, the tee is sold out, but there is a sweatshirt now available. 

Though I love color, most people are shocked when I tell them that grey is my favorite color. Let my boo The Real Sample Size tell it, grey is not a Even though most don't' look at it as such, it is a great color that works with everything. While I am on the quest to own a moto in every color imaginable I found this cute one from Mango via Fullbeauty. It's muted palette makes it just as versatile as black. I am wearing a XL, which is equivalent to a 18/20. Besides the color, I love the cute studs. I went with some light grey denim jeans from Melissa McCarthy. Her jeans are great because they have a good amount of stretch and don't stretch out once you start wearing them. I found these as well on Fullbeauty and lovers you are in luck because they are one sale!! Yes that's right, you can get a pair of great quality denim for less than $50. Definitely hurry, so won't miss out. 

I ended out the look with some statement flats. Though I love the look of heels, when it comes to my day to day running around, I wear flats or block heels. I picked these up during the summer and was waiting for the right time to break them out. Sam Edelman is my go to for a great on trend shoes, so if you are looking for something a little out of the ordinary, check them out. 

Taking a cue from Sade's classic Cherish The Day, I make sure I do all the things that bring a smile to my face. Wearing what makes me feel my best, spending time with my friends, eating the burger, just doing what comes naturally to me. Enjoy yourself, enjoy those that mean the most to you, and value the little things as well as the big things. Trust me, everything else will fall into place.