Women Are Stronger

Tracee Ellis Ross is someone that I always admired. From the first time I saw her curls on Girlfriends I was hooked. She is funny, smart, and one hell of an actress. She lives her life for herself and is definitely someone that knows what she wants. As successful as she is, she is still asked why are you single, and where are your babies. A woman with a Golden Globe, impeccable style and can drop some rhymes is at times reduced to the where is your happy ending (ie husband and kids). I have been down that route, asked what's going on with my dating life, do I even want children, and where is marriage on my list of things to do. As a woman, who you are attached to overshadows at times the other things that make you you. Watching Tracee's speech (if you haven't seen it, I linked it below) reminded me that no matter your accomplishments we as a society still hold on to the measure of success for a woman is through marriage & children. No matter what people say or how they view you, I am strong, and you will not reduce me to just this one dimensional view of what a woman should be. 

I felt it was fitting for this post to wear her suit from her collaboration from JCP. I went with the Bliss Robe and Cuffed Trouser pants. When I saw this set in the promotional pictures, I had to have it, especially in red (the set also comes in blue). Red is such a power color. When I wear red I feel different. I feel like I can just do anything and everything. It's bold, sexy, and just powerful all rolled up into one. Since the set is oversized, I went with a 1X in the robe and pants. Now these pants are definitely for my tall gals, so please be mindful when trying on. I wore them high up on my waist with heels. 

When I was thinking about what should I pair the suit with, I was at a lost. This set has been a hit with so many bloggers, I wanted to wear something that was definitely a Jami look. When I saw this tee from Simply Be, it was just the right accent piece for my look. Simply Be has a lot of great tee's and this was one of the few that I picked up from them. Women Are Stronger, and this tee reaffirms that when I feel like I can't do something. 

For my accessories, I wanted to keep it cute with a lucite clutch with sequins. This season, I have been looking for pieces that play well with what I have in my closet, but give them a little added oomph. This clutch is definitely something that ties my look together. Especially with it being the Holiday season, this is good for the sequin lovers like myself, and for those that are not ready to fully indulge in head to toe sequins.


With the pants being long, heels were definitely needed. I have been crushing as of late on ladies rocking suits with white heels or booties, so I went ahead and took the plunge and got me a pair for myself. The Halogen Anita bootie is super comfortable and comes in a range of colors. If you want a white bootie, or just a great looking bootie that you walk around town in, look no further, 

This post is one of my favorites so far. Writing this really put a lot of perspective back into my life. At times we as women are judged based on our accomplishments on this "life check list" that at times we are living for other people's acceptance or approval. Watching Tracee's speech got me thinking about my life and what I want from it. I will not allow allow someone to dictate what my success should look like nor will I let them put me in a box. I'm grateful for where I am today, and what the future has in store for me. I'm stronger each and every day, and when I start doubting myself, I'm going to look at my shirt and read this post to snap me back to reality. 

Muah lovers!!!