Girl Genius

March is Woman's month, and in celebration of such, I wanted to wear something to remind us all that we are amazing, awesome, and pure geniuses. This look right here has everything I love- moto jacket, cool graphic tee, and jeans. I haven't posted anything from Rachel Roy Curvy in a while, but when I saw the new collection in Macy's last week, I just had to have it all. 

Let's talk about this tank. I love RRR Curvy tee's because they are super soft and fit amazing. The Girl Genius tank is a great piece that you can wear all year long. It's lightweight material makes it easy to wear under other items without tons of bulk, and alone it's your classic statement making graphic tee.

I was in need of a new pair of distressed boyfriend jeans (my favorite pair bit the dust due to chub rub, RIP), and for the longest, I could not find a pair that was a lighter shade of blue. I have enough dark denim, but I needed a lighter color. The latest fit that I have been seeing around a lot of brands in denim is called the Girlfriend fit, which has a more tapered leg. My old boyfriend jeans were more of a straight leg, so I do love that these have more of a skinny leg. This is my first pair of jeans from Rachel Rachel Roy Curvy (I tried some capris which were cool), and I must say they fit great. I'm wearing a size 16, which is my normal size in jeans. I did like that I had the option to cuff the jeans (like I did today), but I don't necessarily have to. 

Moto's are an obsession of mine. Owning your classic black is a staple, but I love that there are so many color and now print options in plus. The print is very 60's flower child print. I also love that it is a darker floral. With the official start of Spring only being a week away (yay), most florals tend to be on the pastel side, but I love how this season a lot of the prints use bold, darker color. The jacket has ponte stretch, so it definitely has the room to layer if need be. The stretch panels are great if you have bigger arms because you don't have to size up to accommodate your arms. I am wearing a size 2X which will fit anyone that wears 18-20 in jackets. 

Even though March is Women's Month, the achievements of women all over the world are evident everyday. Besides those whose actions have the changed the world for the better, the everyday woman is a hero as well. My mom ensured that I had all the tools needed to not survive in this world, but thrive. She raised me to be an amazing person, and without her guidance, honesty (brutal honesty), and tricks on how to rock a bold lip like no other, I would not be the woman I am today. So for all my Girl Geniuses out there, do not let anyone tell you are not worthy. Muah!!!