LB Fall Preview

I was invited to Lane Bryant's Fall 17 Preview, and I am always to excited to see what is in store for us. I enjoy going to previews, because I get to see new fashion, but you also get a feel of where the brand the going. Lane Bryant over the past several seasons continues to elevate with each passing collection. Between their line and collaborations, Lane Bryant has really worked on provided trend right clothing, while still having that classic aesthetic. Without future adieu, here is Fall lovers. 

Remember Allie? The pant I tried on earlier this season. She is back in new fall colors, and prints. She's paired with fun blazers (the plaid is my favorite), and oversized sweaters. I am definitely loving the silky bomber jackets. Also on my radar are the Calvin Klein inspired Cacique collection. I love the striped bra's, and boyshorts. 

Next up, my favorite topic- denim. For fall, it's still about great fit, but there is a bit of resurgence of the colored denim. The denim was very soft, and had a good amount of stretch. The denim was paired with great tops like ombre flowy tops, and cute denim tops with detailing. My favorite thing right now, is all the different ways the classic button up has been re-imaged. The fun sleeves are what I'm loving the most. Tee's in different washes and patches, were on full view. As a tee & denim girl, I'm all about having more options instead of just a skinny jean and white tee. Something small like patches, gives a simple tee added interest, and you don't have to (if you don't want to) dress them up. It's all about options. The more the merrier. 

This here is what I call Military Chic. I love camo jackets...let me say that again...I love camo jackets. It's an edgy neutral. There is nothing you can not wear a good camo jacket with. I would wear the camo jacket with the bra with lace overlay. It's soo fun and sexy. I am also crushing on the olive cape. Cape's have been something that I believe is not a one size fits all. Not all capes are made equal. You have to find the one that works for you and your look, and for me that one is it. I can't wait for it to come out so I can walk around the city looking so stylish with my cape and cute handbag. 

That is fall ladies. I know we are just starting to enjoy Spring (it's definitely been a rainy April here in NYC), but I figured sharing what's to come doesn't hurt...especially when you go ahead and start putting those coins aside sooner rather than later. Enjoy lovers!!!