See Ya Later Summer

This summer flew to say the least. One of my goals for myself was to enjoy the summer more. I get so wrapped in running around, that before I know the summer is done. 

For a gal that rarely goes away or makes a list of things to try and brushes it off, I will say that I am proud of myself. I took time for myself, but I made sure I did things that mattered to me. Whether it was getting some mac'n'cheese from S'Mac, or trying a new bar near work. I made effort to enjoy myself. 

  • I went to Atlanta, not once, but twice in three months. I visited the A to support Life Styled created by Maui of Phat Girl Fresh in late April, and then I headed back to go to the TCF Style Expo created by Marie of the Curvy Fashionista. Lesson - getting away is needed, and spending time with your girls making memories is key. 
  • Walked around NYC on a nice afternoon (solo). I took an afternoon to try out the newest ice cream barlour in NYC called Tipsy Scoop. I tried several flavors, and I have yet to be disappointed. 
  • Spent time with my peeps. Life can seriously get in the way, and it is very easy to let time pass without seeing my boo's. I made the time whether it was us getting together at the Jill Scott concert, meeting up for pizza, or a random impromptu. Make time for those that you care about. 
  • Trying new brands. I made an effort to support and try new brands. In addition to new brands, trying out new silhouettes, and just having fun with it. Never thought I would love me slides the way that I do, but if I never tried it, I would have missed out. 
  • Supporting my summertime events- Curlfest and FFF. Summer is not summer without these two events on my calendar. 

I'm proud to say that I am wearing this wonderful piece from new plus size brand Astra Signature. It's the baby of my boo Crystal of Sometimes Glam, and it's just a fun line. What I love is that she does not sacrifice quality or style for her pieces. When you are a shopaholic, you amass a lot of clothes. I look for things now that are different, and really speak to my style. This romper is definitely one of them. I love how it looks as if it is a mini dress, but it's not. It's super comfortable, and it's stretchy. It's currently on sale, so definitely check this out. I'm excited to see what Astra has in store for Fall. 

Summer is done unofficially, but nice weather is still upon us so make sure you go ahead and enjoy yourself.  You've heard about my summer, but what was yours? Please share in the comments! Muah!!