Candy Land

Ok so my first board game was Candy Land. I lovvvvveeeedddd that game. I asked my Grammy & Mommy to play all the time. To keep the tradition going, I played with niece when she was little. It is the perfect game for little kids. It teaches little kids color and you can actually get through the game in less than an hour (cause kids attention spans these days are short). The game was my first foray with color, and it has stayed with me ever since.  

While scrolling on the gram, I saw these amazing steps. It was the perfect set up for any cool pastel look you want to do. To be honest the steps inspired this look as well as me doing a whole month of pink looks. 

Sugarfix Earrings

So you may or may not know that I love all things athleisure- sweatshirts, sneakers, and cool leggings. I love how the traditional sweatshirt nowadays comes cropped, with cool embellishments (the fur trimmed ones are my new favs), or in the form of fun dresses.

Reasons to get a sweatshirt dress

  1. They are comfy af- they are just soo soft & cozy
  2. Instant outfit maker- put it on and you are done
  3. Hella, hella cute

I first bought this Eloquii sweatshirt dress in the fall in black. Loved it soo much that when the pink one came out, I bought it immediately. I was going to get the grey one, but waited too long, and it sold out. I hope they bring it back in more colors. This dress is the best. Yes it is cozy, yes it is cute, but it has pockets, so that makes it hands down the best dress ever. It is a little on the stretchy side, so I ordered this in a 16, and it fit perfectly. If you want it more oversized, then size up. 

I decided to show the versatility of the dress by dressing it up with booties. I have been obsessed with my Halogen Anita white booties, and wear them every chance I get. The boot is currently on sale, but the white is sold out. If you are looking for a cute white pair, Eloquii just launched their Spring shoes with a white bootie. Theirs is a kitten heel, so if you are not about that 3 inch life, you can rock the Abba

When it comes to accessories, I have been gravitating towards statement earrings. My earring collection these days has exploded. My favorite are tassels, and these Sugarfix by Baublebar earrings are soo cute. These are a multicolored pair that go with soo much of the pastels that are in my closet. For $13, you can buy as many as you like and not feel bad at all. Target stay with the goodies, and this is why they are one of my favs. 

I have really embraced all things pastel. Are you all about it, staying away from it, or slowly giving it a chance? Let me know in the comments!!