Stripes Away

One of the chicest color combo’s in my opinion is black and white. Yes the combo made famous by penguins will always be a staple in my closet. There’s so many ways these days to incorporate them. You can colorblock, rock it in gingham (which is HUGE this season) print, or wear the classic stripe. 

Growing up, there was soo many rules that plus size women were given on what not to wear. Stripes was definitely on the list. Oh you would look wider they said, it draws attention. Any and all excuses for us not to wear them. Let’s not get into the fact that many brands would not give you a print, and if they did it was usually a floral (not knocking the floral print in any way, but that’s all we had). Years ago things changed. Women stopped listening and started to wear what they wanted. I definitely stopped listening to rules and just got to a point that it was about what makes me happy instead of making folks comfortable by wearing clothing that would hide my body. 

These days I have gravitated to fun updates of classics. One in particular is the classic button up. If this top looks familiar, then you are right- I wore this in a post when Dia &Co launched their collaboration with Girl With Curves. It was such a cute top that I definitely wanted to wear it again in a post dedicated to all stripes. If you like a fun take on classics, then top is a great add to your wardrobe. If you love this top, then definitely ask your Dia Stylist to add it in your next box. 

I was feeling adventurous and decided to go full on stripe with these wide legged pants from Who What Wear. I must say that this brand continues to drop collections with pieces that I add to my cart immediately. With the prices being pretty affordable, I don’t have to break the bank to look good. Now when it comes to a wide leg pant, I'm always mindful on how it fits in the thigh and hips. You want them to hug your curves, not suffocate them. I love how these have a split which gives you a chance to show off your footwear a la the white bootie, or a cool sandal once the weather picks up. 

Striped top & jacket check, but you can't stop there, I went all out with my oldie but goldie striped moto from Modamix. I went ahead and linked a bunch of great options so that you can go full on stripe or not- your choice.