Jumping Jumpsuits

If you are following me on IG and checking out my stories, you will see that I have been obsessed with jumpsuits all summer. I just love how its an easy way to look super chic without a lot of effort. Between rompers and jumpsuits, I have been rocking them hard whether it's to the office or hanging out on the weekends.

When this jumpsuit popped up on the site, I had to have her. I love denim, so any opportunity to rock denim outside of the traditional jean, I'm down. Outside of chambray, I rarely wear denim in the summer due to NYC humidity, but this jumpsuit had me not thinking about the humidity and thinking of how cute it's going to look. When I received this jumpsuit in the mail, I loved that it was nice medium weight denim that was stretchy. I like medium weight denim since it hardly wrinkles. Chambray easily wrinkles, and I want to say that it's attributed due to the lack of lycra. Also having a jumpsuit with stretch just allows for way more ease of movement. 

Since I was going to be in the park all day, I kept it simple with these rainbow slides from J Crew. I have amassed quite a bit of a collection this summer, and I am not in the least bit shamed about it. I have wide feet, so I sized up to a 9 versus my normal 8.5 medium shoes to ensure that I have enough room across my foot. The Cora sandal comes in other colors, so if the rainbow is not for you, there are other options and the best part they are all on sale. 

My jumpsuit collection has skyrocketed this year. There has been so many cute options, that I just could not pass them up. I linked some of my favorites from Eloquii below, so let me know if you have indulged in some jumpsuit love too. 

I had a great time at Curlfest. It felt good to catch up with the blogger boo's, get some cute new wraps and check out all the new hair products. Even bf got him some cool items from the Shea Moisture booth. I really hope they do something about the reception in the park cause so many of my friends were there and I couldn't find them cause literally my phone said "No Service". Regardless of that, I am looking forward to seeing it continue to grow. So many of my friends loved what they were able to see on my IG Stories that they are going to come next year. Hmm, I guess this means I gotta do some serious planning- maybe a cool tent, and a grill- we shall see.