Sleep Tight

Since college, I have been programmed to work more and sleep less. My body has been used to less than 5 hours of sleep for years. Once that becomes your routine, it’s very hard to break. When my sleep dropped down to 3-5 hours a night, due to constant tossing and turning, I knew it was time to get a new mattress. I got new sheets, new pillows and a new mattress, but my quality of sleep did not get better. I still tossed and turned and would wake up in the middle of the night. In the mornings when I woke up, I felt more tired than when I went to bed. With a demanding job, the blog, and still trying to maintain somewhat of a social life, a good nights rest can help. If you are not giving yourself that chance to reset yourself with the proper rest, you are susceptible to burn out. Burn out is very real, and with us having so much on our plate, you have to take care of yourself. One of those ways to do it is to get the proper rest, and with Big Fig, I am able to do so.

Sitting cozy in my pj’s. PJ Top and Bottoms, and sleep mask from Eloquii.

When it comes to my health, from time to time, I deal with low levels of B12. Anyone that knows when you are B12 deficient, one of the major issues is fatigue. The type of fatigue, that after being awake for an hour you want to go back to sleep. Here is the downside of taking naps when you are B12 deficient- it makes you even more tired than you already were. Sleep should energize you, not make it worse. With my old bed, I was taking a lot of naps and just not getting the energy I needed. My first week with my Big Fig was life changing. I woke up not wanting to go back to sleep. At that time, I was still getting 5-6 hours of sleep, but the quality of my sleep improved. I don’t feel sluggish at all, and that is due to a good night’s rest. Now, that it has been three months since I received my new bed, I am getting 6-8 hours of sleep a night. Never would have thought I could sleep that long and wake up feeling refreshed.

Getting Figgy With It
You see how thick that mattress is? I went with the high profile boxspring

You see how thick that mattress is? I went with the high profile boxspring

What I love about Big Fig is that they are designed for us in mind. It’s the first mattress designed for plus size people. The mattress is made of a hybrid springs and high density foam which not only provides firmness and comfort but prevents sagging. In less than a year with my old mattress, there were spots that were sagging. Even with me rotating the mattress every month, I still dealt with spots that sagged, which leads to body aches. I tend to overheat while I sleep and with Big Fig’s ThermoGel Cooling Technology, I sleep throughout the night not waking up in a sweat. With any good mattress, a good foundation is needed as well. The boxspring or foundation construction allows it hold 5x more weight than a standard foundation. The frame for the bed is made of recycled railroad steel which can support weights up to 2000 pounds. With that amount of support, you don’t have to worry about not being supported regardless of your size.

I went with the full size mattress with the 9 inch platform versus the standard platform which is 5 inches. I wanted my bed to sit up higher than the ones I had in the past. My mom says I have a Princess & The Pea bed, but I do enjoy being higher up, especially when I am watching tv. Even with the mattress being so plush, I am still able to have a mattress pad as well as my sheets on my bed with no worries. The frame even allows me to store things under my bed, which is great because the more you can maximize space the better.

Closeup shot of the mattress…so plush

Closeup shot of the mattress…so plush

My room is my everything. I don’t have a home office, so it’s where I work, as well as relax. Whether I am on my laptop editing posts, or binging the latest Netflix shows, this bed allows me to both comfortably with a great amount of support. The past three months with this bed has changed how I sleep. We all talk about the importance of self care, but when you think about it, getting the proper sleep needed is a form of self care. Big Fig definitely is here to help everyone get a great nights rest. That is definitely something that we all deserve.

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If you are in the market for a new bed, this is the time to do so. Big Fig offers free shipping on any purchase regardless of size. Also they have white glove service, as well as an option to remove your old mattress. for an additional fee. They also have a 120 night trial. That’s right, you can give Big Fig a go, and if you don’t love it, then you can call and they will come and remove the mattress and issue you a refund. On average it is recommended that you replace your mattress every 8-10 years, with a Big Fig they are expected to last longer than average. Any good mattress is an investment, so you definitely don’t want something that is not going to last. Big Fig makes a product that is going to last and the reviews prove such. Ok, you have heard all the great things about Big Fig, head to their site to check it out for yourself. Since sharing is caring, if you use code STYLEOVERSIZE you can save some coin!! If you get a new mattress, please make sure to tag me! Muah!!

*** This Big Fig Mattress was gifted to me for a review but all opinions here are my own.