Candy Stripes

There has been some big announcements over the years with brands launching plus, but one that I was excited for was Anthropologie. Over the years, I have admired their clothes from afar, but now that they have plus, I was able to get my hands on a piece or two and I must say that I am hooked.

I was fortunate enough that one of the stores near my job had plus so I was able to try on some pieces just to get a feel of the fit. I will say that the sizing is consistent with what I normally wear. In most items I wear either a 16 or 18, and I was still able to wear my size. I tried on several pieces, but decided on getting a pair of jeans. My reason for such was the cost per wear. On average, I wear skirts and dresses 2-4 times in any given season, but a good pair of denim is worn 8-10 times. With that in mind, I did not mind spending a little extra money on a pair of jeans that I knew I can get a good amount of wear out of. When it comes to pricier items, I look to see if they are worth the investment. Quality is definitely important to me, especially when it comes to jeans. My jeans go through a lot due to these thick thighs so I will invest in a good pair of jeans, or a coat or a leather jacket because I know they will be a part of my closet for a while.

Pilcro Jeans

I have been in the market for a good pair of high waisted jeans, so when I saw the Pilcro High Waist Leggings, I grabbed them and headed to the fitting room. I tried on a 16 which was way too tight for these thighs, the 18 was still snug, but the 20 was way too big in the waist. So I went with the 18 with the hopes that I can break them in. Over the years, I have read that your jeans should be snug and then you break them in. Key word- snug, not tight to the point of cutting off blood circulation. So when I finally wore these they were snug for about an hour, then I was able to break them in and they were great. I definitely stretched these out cause at the end of the night I felt like I needed a belt. When you have thick thighs and a big butt high waisted jeans are not that high, but these come to my natural waist which is what I wanted. The denim is made of a medium weight, which is my preference cause they are not too thin which can rip easily due to chub rub, but not too heavy to the point that I can’t wear these in the summer.

Since it was such a gorgeous day, I felt it was the perfect day to wear my striped off the shoulder top from Eloquii. I love showing off my shoulders, so you have been warned. You will be seeing them- A LOT! I am wearing a size 18, and its quite stretchy and lightweight. I love the versatility of the top, I can wear this with a great pair of wide leg pants, or a cute pencil skirt to dress it up. I’m just waiting for the white version similar to this to come back and stock and it’s a wrap…lol.

Plus Size Striped  Top

I have been all about that sneaker life and I have no desire to really go back to wearing heels. There are so many great options for women these days that there is no real reason to go back to the heel life. I remember when I was younger, womens sneakers were not the wave. Either the colorways was eh, or the style was solely for mens. I lucked out that with my feet being on the smaller side (size 7.5-8) that I was able to wear kids sneakers growing up which were soo much better. Now, I can get great sneakers either from the women’s dept or kids. When the temps warm up, I look for a good all white sneaker, but when I saw the Puma Cali trimmed out in pink & red, I had to get her. I love mixing pink and red, so I knew I will get a lot of wear out of these. Caution- Puma’s run a bit small, so I sized up to a 8.5. Biggest mistake you can ever do is get a pair of sneakers that cause your toes to bunch up and feel scrunched.

For my accessories, I have been finding some gems on Amazon. I have been obsessed with heart shaped sunnies, and I found a great pink pair for $10. They come in a myriad of colors, and for $10 you can get every color of the rainbow without spending all of your coins. I ended out my look with my cute little bag also from Amazon.

Pink Heart Sunnies

Who has tried Anthropologie Plus? What are some of the pieces you like? I also linked some other items from the line that I am feeling. Let me know your thoughts in the comments! Until next time, muah!!