Pink & More Pink

As a child I wore my fair share of pink. Ask my mom, and my favorite look was a pair of pink striped Osh Kosh B’Gosh. Then I went through my I hate pink phase in middle school & high school (dark plaid took over my life). In college I started wearing it again. Now, I don’t think twice about picking up a pink item. Hell I got a pair of Air Force 1’s in pastel pink. Most think of pink of girly, but for me its calming when I’m wearing blush, or fun when I wearing a bold bright pink. So when I saw this bubblegum suit from Eloquii, I just had to have it.

IMG_1941 Copy.jpg

I have talked about suiting several times on the blog. As someone who is all about jeans and tee’s. I am finding suiting can be just as versatile as s good pair of jeans. This suit is two pieces from Eloquii, which is great because you can wear both pieces in a myriad of ways. One way is to take the pants, and wear it with a slouchy sweatshirt and flats. Another look is to wear the blazer with tee and jeans. For this look I paired the High Waisted Trousers with this great striped sweater from the Atlantic-Pacific x Halogen collaboration with Nordstrom. What I love about this look is that it looks great with the blazer or it can be worn alone.

IMG_2008 Copy.jpg

Now I have been not been wearing heels for some time. I have been loving all the cute flats and sneakers in my arsenal, but for this look I really felt like a pair of white pumps would really set the look off. When it comes to pumps, Sam Edelman pumps are my go to’s. They make a classic pump in two different heels heights, and a myriad of colors, and even in wide width. I didn’t have a white pair, so when I found these on sale, I snapped them up with the quickness. Since these are not wide width and patent leather (which I have noticed can run a bit narrower), I went with a size 9. The height makes them easy to walk in, and I have room to add extra cushioning because let’s be real, all heels start to bother you after a while.

IMG_1998 Copy.jpg

I will say that the coat of the season has been the Teddy Coat. Not only is super cute, its one of the warmest coats I own. There are several brands that came out with teddy coats in plus, but I went with this belted pink version from Eloquii. It is slightly oversized, so the 18/20 worked perfectly for me cause I can layer up without having to worry about not having enough room. Have you been embracing more pink in your life? Or is there another pastel in your life that you are coveting? Let me know in the comments. Muah!

Plus Size Teddy Coat

Sporty Spice

This weekend I headed to Prospect Park in Brooklyn, NY to celebrate all things hair- Curlfest. This is year two for me, and what a difference a year makes. The plethora of melanin was beautiful. I definitely wanted to capture all the beauty of Curlfest, so Grown and Curvy and I took tons of pictures of the event. Trust me, if you have not attended Curlfest, make sure you add it to your calendar next summer. It is an amazing event. 

I was given the name Sporty Spice because I am definitely  all about athleisure. Comfy but cool is definitely the name of the game especially in this NY humidity. I ordered these wide leg track pants from Eloquii a while back and I knew it would they would perfect. Don't get me wrong, I'm all about a good cute dress or skirt, but when it's hot and lots of walking is involved, I like to wear pants. I don't want to worry about chub rub. I just want to enjoy my time in the sun. I am wearing a 16 in the pants, and they fit wonderfully. They are the perfect length for me to wear sandals. If you love a wide leg pant, you will not be disappointed. 

I paired the pants with their printed crop top. I went with a 18 in the top because I needed room for the girls, but I did have room. I wonder if the 16 would have fit better, but the back coverage was perfect so I was happy over all with the 18. I will say this- the straps are long, and were slipping at times throughout the day. It would have been nice if the straps were adjustable so that it would prevent the slippage. 

I finished off my look with another cool headwrap from the Wrap Life and bold red sunnies. The wrap is called Tembi, and this is one of my favorite wraps. The bold color brings out the best in any outfit I wear. If you love a good head wrap and don't like to shy away from color, get the Tembi. You will not be disappointed. 

As for the event, me and my blogger boo's had so much fun. Stay tuned for my next post with all of the beautiful ladies from Curlfest. Later lovers!!