C Siriano

I'm all about designer collaborations. It's a great way for brands to work with different aesthetics and in turn we get great fashion. When Lane Bryant started working with designers on capsule collections I was excited. It's been through these collaborations, I have scored some pretty awesome items. Christian Siriano has been my favorite thus far. He dresses for all not some, and the things he has sent down the runway has been amazing. His Spring collection had me swooning (C'mon that pink moto was everything), and now the Fall collection has our hearts again. I definitely indulged more this time around. The pieces I gravitated towards were the dresses and outerwear. The first thing I saw at his preview was this fur trimmed vest

When it comes to outerwear, vests are my achilles heel. I like the ability of layering different pieces together. Now that it is officially Fall, the weather is very sporadic. In the mornings, there is a chill in the air, and by the afternoon it is warm. Wearing a vest allows me to adjust for the crazy temperature changes. Cobalt blue is a great color that looks amazing on everyone. I have yet to see a woman in cobalt and it does not look good. The fur collar is removable, and this kept me warm while walking around with my girls.

Wearing boots sans tights to me is one the sexiest things ever. That hint of leg is alluring. I have been on the hunt for a pair of over the knee boots with a walkable heel. I love me some heels, but wearing 3.5-4 inch heels all day is not happening. For those that can wear, stand, and/or run in heels all day, I salute you. I wanted something with a bit of a heel, but can be worn with ease. These days when it comes to wide calf boots, the hunt can be serious. I am very particular about  my boots. I prefer real leather or suede, but if they are faux, it has to look good. I'm not the biggest fan of stretch panels, so I want something that some stretch but the majority of the boot is not material. I find it crazy that some places charge over $100 for a boot that is mostly made of a faux leather stretch panel. There is no way that boot is worth that much in my opinion. In my hunt, I came across these from Marc Fisher. I have been a fan of the shoes for a while, but this was my first boot purchase. These are wide calf and I had no issues getting them on. My calves are 17.5 inches, and I'm 5'5" so I need the boot to hit in the right spot. I'm quite happy with them, and best believe I will be getting much wear from them.

I'm always in need of a good work bag. I want something pretty, but functional. The Myriam tote has tons of pockets. I can fit my laptop, wallet, camera, and all the essentials I carry with me on a daily basis. When running around a good life bag as I like to call it, has everything I need to get me through the day. Have you indulged in any serious fall shopping? Would love to know what was on your must have list?


White pieces have been slowly taking over my wardrobe. At first, it was one piece, here. another there, and then BAM!! My closet has been taken over. Don't get me wrong, any break from my traditional NYC uniform of all black is welcome, it's just you never notice how serious it is until you do laundry, and you are only washing whites, followed by blues. This dress from Lane Bryant was one of those items that was a must have for me. I have been raving about their monthly capsule collections called Fast Lane, and this dress is from their Montauk Mood is just the cutest dress for the summer. 

When I first saw the cold shouldered dress on the site, I was thinking what would be the best place to shoot her. It would have been awesome to actually go to Montauk, and walk along the beach, but this grassy field brought out the whimsical charm of the dress. It is lined so no worries about material itself. and has stretch so you don't have to feel restricted. It's a fun update to the traditional shirtdress, because who doesn't like a good shirtdress. I went with a size 18/20 in the dress on the safe side because I wanted to make sure I had enough room in my arms. I will go gaga over a cute dress, but a cute dress with pockets- completely and hopelessly in love. Pockets on a dress make everything better. Function and fashion hand in hand makes this blogger quite happy. With a dress like this, all that is needed is a cute clutch, a statement necklace, and some sandals, and you are ready to smell the flowers. So I ask you lovers, are you spending your summer in all white?

Redefining Healthy

Redefining Healthy is the brainchild of Darlene of Suits, Heels & Curves. It's all about shattering the myths that being being plus size does not equate being unhealthy. How many posts have you seen online where a plus size person is judged and threatened with diabetes if they do not lose weight? Darlene wanted to create a space where we can talk about confidence, health, fitness, style and just get the dialogue going. 

The event started off with Owning You Confidence moderated by Marcy Cruz (Blog Editor of Plus Model Mag & Blogger, Fearlessly Just Me) featuring:

  • Valeria Serenil- Tween Contributing Blogger of Suits, Heels & Curves
  • Sasha Renee- Drag Performance Artist
  • Ally Gursky- Blogger, Candied Curves
  • Rosaliz Jimenez- Photo Editor, People Style Watch

The panel spent time talking about past experiences and really delving into how one can build their confidence. It's amazing how many stories you can hear with similarities to your own. It was refreshing to see so many people open and honest about their daily struggles. 

Next up was a quick sexy dance lesson from the ladies of Vixen Dance. Dancing has always been a confident booster, it was one of the few things that when I was in the moment I was not worried about what others thought. Jessie has such a great energy that I definitely want to take a class. 

Gypsy in the City is a beauty and fashion blogger. Ada has the most down to earth personality that shines through her speaking about how makeup was the pivotal driver in her life. After hearing her story, and just giving simple tips on how to look great with a good 5 minute routine was greatly needed. I am not at a point in my life where I wan to do a full blown beat just to go to the store, but a little tips and tricks to help out my morning routine. 

Next up was my one of my favorite stylists Steffany Allen. She is one of the most nicest people you can meet. She does not only know her way to dress a body, she is smart about the business of fashion. She gave great tips for those out there that were a bit timid of trying new things and just overall how can you make what's in your closet work without completely overhauling your wardrobe. A lot of times there are gems in your closet that you never thought you can get a lot of use of. Other times, it's the emotional attachment we have to our clothes, and we have to let them go in order to bring in something new. 

Last, but not least was Sahar Paz, author of Find Your Voice. Let's just say that I was not ready for the the knowledge she dropped.  She spoke about the voice that we all have that tells you you are not worthy, always tearing you down and just leaving in stuck. She told us to name that voice so that when he/she comes around, you know that it is not the real you speaking. Us being in that space to share stories and truths was heavy. It was beautiful, and at the end of her session, I walked up to her, gave Sahar a hug and cried. I struggle with impostor syndrome. I always think that I am not good enough, so I work twice as hard to accomplish things because I do not want others to think that giving me a chance was a huge mistake and that I am a fraud. I always over compensated and would take on so much without even thinking about my well being. When I went to a work event, and found out about this and how so many women of color suffer from this fear of being a fraud, it was a sigh of relief. Sahar touching on that, brought me back to the point that I am worthy no matter what. 

I was afraid to leave my old position because I thought what if I am not smart enough to handle the demand, or why start a blog, no one is going to like it. When I stopped doubting myself, and went back to to the thought of this is for me, and I won't know until I try- this blog would still be on a to do list somewhere. We all deal with our struggles, and it is by being open can we move past to achieve what we desire. 

I tried to get as many pictures as possible of the attendee's and speakers, so here you go!

Since I was helping out Darlene with the event, I wanted to wear something that I can easily move in, not worry much about wrinkles, and still looked pulled together. This jumpsuit was the answer. This was the first item that I saw last Fall during Lane Bryant's Spring Preview that I was swooning over. I love how it gives the illusion of a dress, but it is just a wide legged jumpsuit. This has been in my closet for months, and I felt that this was the perfect time to showcase it. While waiting for takeout, I received an email from Nordstrom about sandals under $50. Of course, I just had to see what they were offering, and I came across the Copa sandal (on sale) from Matisse. The snakeskin makes it a showstopper, but the tie up fringe really take the shoe to the next level. The shoe just tied the whole look together. The event was a success, and I am so proud of my blogger boo. Can't wait for Redefining Healthy LA. Muah!