3 Years and Counting

It's that time of the year! It's my 3, yes 3 year bloggerversary! The time is going, I must say, and I am proud of the blogger that I am becoming. When I started the blog, it was an outlet for me to share my passion with the world. I was working (still am), and the one way that I always felt for me as a way to express myself was through my clothes. It was the encouragement of friends to start the blog because they saw something in me that should be shared. When my best friend would tell me you need to start this blog, I would laugh because I felt there were already amazing bloggers already doing it. I didn't feel like my style was soo different that it would stand out. I was soo wrong. My style is a reflection of me, and no one can be me, but me. Yes anyone can wear a dress and some cute shoes, but no one will wear it like me. 

Three years is definitely something to break out the confetti. Actually the confetti gun was The Real Sample Size's idea. Blogging has really brought some dope women into my life. It's one thing to talk clothes, it's another when you have a team in your corner that gives you cool ideas to get the creative juices flowing. I will say that I am grateful for all that is in my life. Whether its helping me take pictures, giving me outfit critiques, places to go (and eat) or sharing dope walls that I can shoot at, I will never take them for granted. 

Eloquii Sequin Dress

For my bloggerversary, I decided to get away from NYC for a bit and head to Houston to visit The Real Sample Size. They have an amazing array of cute walls to shoot at, so I thought hey I can hang with my girl, shoot, and try the hot spots. When I say I had the best sweet tea in my life- lovers let me tell you. I am a sugar junkie. I was the kid that added way too much sugar to the Kool Aid (I kid you not). So when I tried the Sweet Tea at the Breakfast Klub I was soo in love. Don't get me wrong, the food was amazing, but that tea tho....I am still thinking about it and it's been over a week. Maybe RSS will send me some...lol.

What's a celebration without a little sparkle. When I saw the Sequin Shift Dress, I knew I wanted to wear it for my bloggerversary. It was totally a Jami Jaye dress. I am a sucker for all things sequin, but the ease of the dress is what really sold me. We all know when it comes to dressing, I still want easy, fun, and comfortable, and this is the epitome of what I am looking for. The inner lining is made of a soft tee like material. Most sequin dresses have polyester or stiff like linings so it's cool that this feels like your favorite tee. Even though this is a sequin dress, I would totally wear this with a blouse underneath to make it a daytime look, or with a denim jacket and Adidas Superstars to treat it as a casual dress. To be honest, I do not think there is any wrong way to wear this dress. 

I have been looking for the right outfit to break out my sock booties, and this dress was it. Sock booties are so on trend this season, and I found mines at my favorite place Tar-Jay. The Cady comes in three colors and for less than $40 you can buy all three and not feel bad at all. The pink is a nice and bright, the red is classic, and having a white boot is 'it' color of the season. The height is perfect at three inches, and they are super comfortable. Lately, I have been all about that sneaker life, so wearing a pair of heels that were really comfortable made me happy.   

I want to thank everyone that has liked, read, shared a post. Without all of you on Instagram, and Facebook I would not be here. To all the bloggers that have share my photo's, to the websites that have featured me, you are appreciated. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING AND LET'S GO YEAR 3!!!!!

YEAR 2!!!!

I can't believe that it is my two year bloggerversary. The year has gone by soo quick, that I can't believe it's here. I wanted to wear something fun and bold, so I decided to rock this great jumpsuit from Eloquii. I love one and done dressing, and besides a dress, the jumpsuit is another great item to have in your wardrobe. I love the bold color and the off the shoulder ruffles. I paired the jumpsuit with my all time favorite bomber. This silver bomber looks amazing with everything from jeans, to this jumpsuit and even dresses. It just makes everything better and way more fun. All that was left were some more red accessories and I was all set. 




How many people can say, I have a pair of pants named after me...this lucky gal can say she was one of them. Spring 2016, Eloquii debut the Jaye pant - a cropped version of their ever so popular Kady pant. It was such an honor, and I was floored when Jodi, the Creative Director of Eloquii told me they were naming it after me. The brand will always have a special place in my heart, not because of the great honor, but because they made me excited about clothes again. Thank you Eloquii!!!!!


I started out the year with a feature from the lovely blog editor Marcy Cruz. She named me one of the three bloggers to look out for in 2016 alongside The Real Sample and Mustang Sally. I was soo stoked to see myself named among some serious blogger hustlers. I hope I did Marcy proud. 


Every week I would look to see who was the latest to be featured in Fashion Bomb Daily Bombshell or Bomber of the week. In February, I had the pleasure of being featured and I was ecstatic. Being picked to be a part of such a great bunch of fashionable people (especially as a plus size woman), was an honor


Believe it or not when I was younger I told my mom I wanted to be in Essence Magazine. Twenty years later and I was featured on their site for having great style at the Curvy Con. Website is a start, but trust me, the mag is next!!!!!


Started with a video, and now we're here. Jessica from Revelist gave us a name neither her or us would have ever thought would have gone viral the way that it did. When I started blogging it was nice that I had a network of women that have been there to help me out, make me go to events, and learn the business side to blogging. The Instagram Wives may have started in a video, but it's about working together. When women come together, we can do anything. Maddy from PMM loved our story so much she featured us in the Denim Issue of Plus Model Magazine! Double score!!


Milestone are always a good thing, and I was so happy that I was able to hit my goal of 7k this year. Insta Fam held me down and I thank you for that. 


This year, I actually got to take some time out and go away. I attended my first BlogHer conference out in LA (swag on top of swag, on top of swag). I definitely recommend going at least once in your life if you are a blogger. There were a lot of workshops I attended that definitely helped me in regards to managing my blog. Business of blogging is a big one, so it is always good to learn some new tips, make some new connections, and the added bonus, enjoy the gorgeous LA weather. Also, my lookbook with the Instagrams Wives was a big hit as well!!!

I also got a chance to visit Philly. Philly has completely changed since I visited last six years ago and I am happy that I was able to work with Visit Philly and get to see the city with Georgette from Grown & Curvy Woman.  It was great to see the city, especially the mural tour, and have fun with my boo. 


Fullbeauty asked me and the Wives to be a part of their Holiday Campaign. I had so much fun getting glammed up and shooting all the pretty looks. The video turned out so well, and our photo's really captured our individual personalities. 


When your friend owns a boutique and asks you to be a part of it, you don't say no. I ended out 2016 working with the Pop Up Plus team shooting an amazing lookbook and hilarious gag real for them. I don't get dressed up too often, but when I do watch out! The denim obsessed borderline tomboy can pull out the stops especially when it comes to getting pretty for the Holidays. 

I just want to say thank you to all of the brands that worked with me this year. Shout out to Dia & Co, Fullbeauty, Eloquii, Just My Size, JC Penney, Simply Be, Lane Bryant, JD Williams, Torrid, Essie, Pop Up Plus, Ellos, Avenue, SWAK, and City Chic, Modamix, and Fashion To Figure. Without you, the blog would have not been as successful. I am truly appreciative of all the likes, love, shares that have been bestowed upon me. I love you all and make sure you keep up wth me to see all that goes down in Year #3.