Valentine's Day is around the corner! Lingerie is always on the top of my list of things to buy myself during this time of the year. Great lingerie has a way of making you feel sexy. I love wearing a lacy bra and cute panties underneath something simple like sweatpants and a tee. I get a kick walking around looking like a bombshell and no one knows but me. I also believe great lingerie adds a little pep to your step. When you feel good, you look good.

This year my lingerie of choice came from City Chic. I went with the Lou Lou contour bra. Balconette bras are always a great choice for women that have a fuller bust like myself. I do not believe in sacrificing support just because something is pretty. You always want great cleavage without the fear of popping out. This bra definitely delivers on the cleavage front. When it comes to my undies I love a good boyfriend or cheeky panty. The Lou Lou panty is super cute with it's lacy front. I definitely like the fit of them. This was my first time trying their lingerie, and I am definitely impressed. Understanding their sizing is key, I definitely suggest measuring yourself if you are trying them out for the first time. In their panties, I wear a XS which is (14/16) and in their bra I converted my 40H to their 18H. 

Now as much as I love wearing sexy lingerie, the thought of actually taking a picture of myself in it hardly ever crossed my mind. I loved the mystery of it all, and taking a picture is putting myself out in plain sight for the world to see. Then I said, I can do this no problem- I'm a hot woman, nothing to be ashamed of. Until I got in front of the camera- then I got all shy. Within 10 minutes, I was like I'm going to do this, to you know what, I don't want people to get the wrong impression. As confident as I can be, there are times when being completely open and raw scare me. As I continue to grow, the will to push myself to try new things (not only in this platform, but in all aspects) is needed and it will always be scary at first. This is the start of a more open Jami. Baby steps, baby steps. Today I am not ready to take pictures in just my underwear, but I do love this picture. It's me embracing and trying something new, and trust me, posting this picture of me with my shirt open is definitely new. Happy Valentine's Day Lovers!!