I live for three day weekends. Usually I am out and about running around doing the most, but this weekend, I kept it lowkey and just relaxed. I caught up on movies I haven't seen, took a nice long drive and just enjoyed the weather. Taking time to just reset is always needed, but for once I don't feel bad for not doing much. When I have a lazy weekend, I end up feeling bad cause I could have done X, Y. Z and get things taken care of, but this weekend, I do not feel the least bit bad about not working on my never ending to do list.

These days, I feel like my weekends are filled with errands and catching up versus going out and enjoying. Last weekend I went with my girls to this event called Must Love Beards, and had dinner afterwards. Hanging with the crew nowadays is far & few between due to our schedules, but I am making it a priority to spend as much time with them while we can. It's so easy to get caught up with work that before you know it a whole month has gone past and you haven't had crew time. Starting this weekend, and throughout the summer, I have a list of things that I want to do. Definitely be on the lookout to see me hanging at a rooftop bar, the beach, and going back to Atlanta. Yes, one should handle the responsibilities of the daily grind, but all work and no play makes this blogger tired and run down. 

While me being out and about enjoying life, all the goodies I have been ordering will be in rotation as well. When the temps rise, I practically live by the one and done dressing rule. Dresses, jumpsuits, and rompers are all on deck this summer. First to kick it off is the Halter Neck Romper from Eloquii. I just love how easy this romper is an instant statement maker with it's simple color palette. I am wearing a size 18 because since this is lined, I wanted to make sure I had enough room for the thighs. It easy to get in and out of- so you don't need a bathroom buddy to zip you. Well you can if you want, but it's not a requirement. If you are a fan of a jumpsuit, you will definitely like this romper. 

Keeping it cute and comfortable is always my number one priority. I found these Betsey Johnson shoes on sale, and I just had to have them. Gingham is huge this season, and in a great low heel shoe, it's a win win. They also come in a floral print and denim so if you are in the need of a cute sandal that you can wear with anything, then look no further. Bonus, they are less than $30. 

I ended out my look with the "It Bag" of the season the Cult Gaia Ark bag. Anytime I have it with me, I receive so many compliments, and it holds everything I need while looking chic. 

Now I am off to finish off my Must Have Fun List. LOL! Enjoy lovers!!

Springing It With #XOQ

Finally!!! It's March 20th- which means it's officially Spring!! Granted, here in NYC we are still digging ourselves out from snow and ice, but hopefully that is the end of Old Man Winter, and I can shift my focus to bare legs and longer days. 

Taking pics in the city - hard work

To celebrate such an occasion, why not show off some Eloquii's great Spring pieces. If you have not checked out their last three collections, you are missing out. No seriously....they are dropping some serious fun fashion for us plus size gals. Their latest collection, A Place In the Sun (which was shot in a California desert) features prints (geometric, floral, and camo), pom poms, and frills. From the collection, I went with the Hip to Be Square dress. When I saw this dress on their Snapchat (sidebar do not follow Eloquii's Snapchat if you are already an's bad for your wallet) I knew I had to have it. The print is bold, it has pockets, and it's a fit & flare. You can not go wrong with this dress. 

I lucked out, I had a lipstick that matched

Besides allergies, when I think of Spring I think of the classic trench coat. Great for layering, as well as protection from April Showers, a trench is something everyone should have in their wardrobe. You can throw it on and instantly look polished while running errands; belt it, and you give off that "Is she or isn't she" wearing something underneath vibe. Eloquii gave us not only the classic trench, but a denim option as well. Good outerwear can be hard to find, so when I find something classic that I know I will have for years to come, I get it. The trench fits me well (I'm wearing a 18/20), and it has some stretch so it's great for light layering without feeling constricted. The worst thing you can ever do is buy outerwear that is so restrictive you feel like a T Rex (arms that can barely move like a T Rex). Can't speak for others, but if it does not zip or fit me right, I won't wear it. Then it's just sitting in my closet, which was a waste of money. I'm not about wasting money, so above looking great the fit has to be right. 

I have been all about the block heel for a couple of years now. They provide more support than the traditional stiletto but you are not sacrificing style. This season, there are so many versions- embellished, patches, embroidery, ties, I do not think you can have just one in your closet. I found these shoes browsing Target's website one night. Who What Wear has now added shoes to their assortment, and these babies called my name. For less than $35, the Micheala block heel shoe can be yours. I felt the ankle tie in bows would be a nice touch with the dress. I felt oh so lady like!!! 

My bag has been something I have been eyeing for months. Ever since I saw this on a one of the fashion websites I follow about being the it bag of the season, I just knew I had to have her. When I first heard about it, it was sold out, so no it bag for me. Then one day, I was chatting with my blogger boo Georgette, and we were discussing cute handbags, and the Gaia Ark was brought up. Oh yes, she was back in stock, came in two sizes, and two finishes...say what now...yeah. Ahh, she can be mine now...ok, that is going to be my birthday present to myself, and bought she was. The bag is a statement maker. It's art. I'm always about having the biggest bag to hold everything in existence, but this one has changed my mind. Perhaps you don't have to have everything, just what you need. Pack light and enjoy. Isn't that what Spring is all about? 

I'm curious, what are some items that you are coveting now that it is Spring? Share in the comments!! Muah!