I love me a good pair of sunnies, but let's be real, I can not buy every single pair that I see. Even though I can not buy all the shades in the world, I can try them and when I see another pair that I like I can switch it. How do you ask? By using Ditto. Ditto is a service that allows you to try sunnies or prescription eyewear for $24 a month!! Yup, that right lovers, for the fraction of a price of a pair of designer shades, you can change up and try as many as you like. 

The site is super easy to use. Create a profile and upload a picture of yourself. My biggest resistance to online shopping for shades was all about how they would look on my face. There are tons of shades that I love, but when I put them on, it's like "No girl put them back". With Ditto, you can then virtual try on all the glasses and sunnies you like. All the guess work of whether or not they would look great on is gone. With the guesswork gone, and shopping from the comforts of home- it's a win win situation. Added bonus, if you try a pair and realize that you can not live without them, you can buy them. I see no downside. I'm always up for trying new sunglasses brands, so I was excited that Ditto has a brand called Retro Super Future. Their shades are super cool, and I just knew I had to try Akin in Black Matte. I have been wearing them for two weeks, and I get so many compliments from people on the street. There are some other cool shades on my list to get, so I may swap these babies for the new Lanvin Gold shades (since we are in the Holiday Season), or the new Ray Ban Rose Gold aviators.

Since it is the time for giving, if you use my code STYLEOVERSIZE you will receive one month free. That's right lovers, one month to try all the shades and glasses you wish. I can't wait to try my next pair. Treat yourself to a new pair of sunnies, or gift it to one your favorite people on your Christmas list. Either way, enjoy!!!