Growing up outside of my mom, Miss Piggy was one of my fat role models growing up. What was not to like, she had impeccable style, could kick ass, and was always confident. She made me laugh at the expense of someone getting tossed across the room btw but I digress. So when Jeneise told me thst there was a Miss Piggy sweatshirt at Zara, I had to cop it.

I love a good sweatshirt. It’s definitely a staple in my closet for those transitional seasons of Fall & Spring. With athleisure being incorporated in everyday life, I love how you can mix serious pieces like a suit with sneakers, or wear a leather skirt with a sweatshirt like I did. This sweatshirt is oversized, and I was able to wear the biggest size (size L), and it fit. The great thing about the oversized trend, is that a lot of pieces from straight sized stores can work on a plus size body. When it comes to Zara’s oversized items I have been able to wear them with no issues. This item is sold out online, but check out your local store, you may be able to find one. I will say this, if you are curious about an item, give it a try. If it works out great, if not return that sucker and get something else that does.

I love me a good leather item. Real or faux, I am here for it. This is an oldie, but goodie from Eloquii. It’s a great wrap mini skirt that I can wear with everything. Leather skirts can be fun, flirty, sexy, and versatile. I have worn my leather skirts with boots, sneakers, flats, heels- you name it, I have done it. If you are looking for a good mini, check this one out in vinyl. Like more of a classic, then this pencil skirt is great piece to have.

I’m so happy that it is boot season. The boot selection this season from Eloquii is everything. I have bought five pairs of boots from them. The first pair I had to have were these sequin booties. My love of sequins started when I was a kid in dance class. The yearly recitals with the costumes- glitter, sequins, bold color…ah just made me happy. So when I saw these pink sequin boots, I was giddy- yup giddy. The sequins flip over to silver so you can make cool designs with them. The heel is low so they are definitely shoes for walking around NYC. Sidebar: Anyone else kinda not in love with high heels? I have been opting for more block heels, lower heels or just flats.

These days there are no wrong ways to wear items. I feel that if there is an item you want to wear, put it on. If you love it wear it, if not take it off. I doubt Miss Piggy let people tell her what she couldn’t wear. She was like I do what I want and so can you.


I can't believe it's December!!! The year is about to come to a close, and I am just in awe how fast the year went. I took a mini break to just relax, watch Netflix, and to do some shopping. The deals online the past two weeks have been insane! I found some great sweaters, cute skirts, and comfy boots that I just had to share. 

RRR Curvy


This season has been about the power of a great sweater. The statement sweater is definitely an item that you can not ignore. All the different versions really have me spending all my coins. The sweaters have not only been fun, but they are warm and soft. This off the shoulder from Rachel Rachel Roy was all that I could want. It keeps me warm, it's soft to the touch, and with it being off the shoulder, it's different from my other black sweaters in my closet. It is slightly oversized so I went with a 1X and it fit like a dream. My favorite part of the sweater is the extra long sleeves. I've always been the type to use my sleeves as a way to keep my hands warm (and drive my mom nuts in the process).

Brocade skirts were definitely all over the runway this season. I always liked a good skirt, so when I saw this mini brocade skirt, I fell in love. Can't go wrong with an animal print. Especially when it's in a fun metallic. It has a paperbag waist (which makes it stretchy), which makes it easy to get in and out of. It's fun and flirty, but having pockets just ups the ante. For the past year I have been living in midi skirts, but I must say, I'm falling for mini skirts. Since brocade is a rather stiff material, when it comes to sizing I tend to size up (this is a size 18) just to ensure I have room. 


When you are all about warm and cozy life, finding a pair of boots that keep my feet warm in these colder months is vital. I saw these boots online, and thought they were super cute. When I got a chance to try them on in the store, I bought them immediately. It's one things for them to be cute, but the fact that they are lined with shearling made them a must have. I have been looking for a new pair of boots since it was time to retire my sparkly Uggs, but I didn't find anything worth looking at until I saw these Urban Hiker boots from Coach. They are a bit pricey, but there are some F&F sales going on, so you can get these on sale. 

This look is definitely cozy, and very versatile. I can wear this with flats for work, booties for a night out, or even a fun sneaker while hanging with my Day 1's. Just cause the temps are dropping doesn't mean you can't give em something fun. What piece from this look speaks to you? Let me know in the comments!

Fly Nerd

Being a nerd was always something looked at as uncool. If you were a nerd, ie love to read books, did well in school, or enjoyed anything remotely intellectual it was automatically deemed that you had no style. Nerds could not in any way be fashionable. Prime example: Steve Urkel. Even though Jaleel White was a good looking guy, those tight pants and suspenders were a no no. When he transformed into Stefan Urkelle, many swooned. He was cool. It was like if you were cool you couldn't be smart, and if you are smart you couldn't be cool. Why? 

I always loved clothes. So can a nerd love clothes? Being an intellectual absolves you from caring about fashion and style, but I loved it so. It was over time that I realized that people are not one dimensional. We have layers, and in turn makes you unique. So yes, I did get an A in advanced calculus and I read InStyle to catch up on the latest trends. You can be a Fly Nerd, and the shirt reflects such.

While at Curlfest I came across the brand Fly Nerd. I went with the Fly Nerd Tank, and it's the best. Everyone that saw this definitely said that it fit me to a tee (pun intended). I am wearing a XL, and it has room. The brand goes up to a 2XL, which I feel can accommodate someone that is 22-24. The women that were assisting me were my size or bigger and they wore the 2X without a problem. If you don't want to rock a tank, it also comes in a tee

Nine West Gemily

I paired the tee with this fun printed skirt from Eloquii. I love a good flare skirt and the bold print really spoke to me. I also love the fact that it is shorter. Don't get me wrong, I love a good Eloquii midi, but it's cool to have something on the shorter side. Show off the gams from time to time. I finished off the look with my Gemily mules from Nine West. So lovers, did this Fly Nerd pull it off? Sound off in the comments.