Flower Power

There was a point in time when flower printed clothes in plus size were not pretty at all. I remember growing up and seeing them and just not wanting any part of it. I stuck to the basics. That's when my love of tee's and jeans began. Prints at times were just not right for my body, so I just stayed away from them. Then some years back, I started loving prints, but florals were still on my "Nah, I'm good" list.  The slowly but surely the florals were prettier, and amazing looking on my body. No longer did I feel like I was wearing some stodgy, matronly frocks. 

Once I accepted florals into my life, I must say that it is one of the easiest prints to work with. I can wear them with stripes, other florals, leopard, or just a plain white tee. My favorite is florals in unexpected silhouettes- like a floral moto (which I have and love it soooo much), crop tops, and flirty skirts. I first saw this halter top and skirt online, from Harper + Liv and I immediately wanted it. Bonus each item is on sale for less than $30! When getting dressed in the summer, especially for work easy pieces like these make getting dressed quick. All that is needed is a cute pair of sandals and my bag, and I'm out the door. For all my ladies out there, take a chance when you are shopping. Just take a whole bunch of items into the fitting room and give it a try. Trust me, you may find more things you like that you expect.