Tell Me About It Stud

I was a musical junkie as a child. My Grammy and I would watch all the ones that came on our local channel (back then my mom refused to get cable). One that always stood out to me was Grease. What I loved the most about Grease after the music was the clothes. They were fun, retro and just soo cool. I loved the end when Sandy got her cool girl on with a moto jacket.

Her look was a little bit of the inspo for this look. As you may or may no know, I am moto obsessed. I have a section in my coat closet dedicated to them. I am always on the hunt for ones that are in fun colors or have embellishments. One jacket that I was seeing on the runways was an off the shoulder version. First thoughts was like this is hella badass and I need it in my life. Now the challenge, to find this in plus. At first it was a no go, then I got an email from Ashley Stewart and behold they made one!!! When I was out in Houston, I visited the store and picked me up one.

Now the first thoughts are is this a practical buy....not really, but I will be wearing it especially when Spring decides to pop up. I love showing off my shoulders and this piece gives me the best of both worlds. Showing skin and still getting a chance to rock a moto. I am wearing a size 20 and I had enough room to move around and potentially layering it. I think it would cool with a button up underneath. 

When it comes to pants, my go to these days are the Kady pant from Eloquii. They come in myriad of prints and colors, and they have petites. Now these are an old pair and no longer are available, but I wanted to show how even though these pants are a couple of years old, animal print will never go out of style. 

Cool jacket- check. Fun pants- check, only thing left is a hot pair of shades and some black pumps. So lovers what do you think? Would I be the 2018 version of Sandy? LOL!!!