Bikini Season

Once I hit puberty I disliked swim season. Options back in the 90's for a plus size teen were far and few between. My choices were a swimdress (which I hated), or some floral boring one-piece which was suited for a middle aged woman that a teenager. Me wearing a bikini would have never been an option, but now that's all I want to wear. I was very self conscious about what I wore, because I did not want to draw attention to myself. Even though I started breaking the so-called rules when it came to fashion, swim was always disregarded because I could not have a cute swimsuit. 

Love my tote, click here!. 

That all changed when Gabi Fresh debut the fatkini. I loved how the higher waist smoothed out my tummy, and I had all the support I needed. I wore my first two piece swimsuit on a beach in Miami and you know what happened- nothing. No comments, no concerns, no staring, just me enjoying sun and sand. Then when Gabi announced her collection with Swimsuits for All, I stalked the website so that I could get my hands on a great looking swimsuit that was made for my body. Now on her third collection, Gabi Fresh for S4A continues to be a favorite of mines. 

This year the collection features swimsuits with all of the hottest trends of the season. There's an off the shoulder swimsuit, kitschy prints, cutouts and hardware. When perusing this year's collection, I fell in love with the Midnight Bikini. Normally, I stay away from black because we as plus size women are always given black, but this suit was super sexy and fun. 

I wear a 40H cup, so the fact that her bikini's went up to a H cup had me doing my happy dance. One of the reasons it's hard to find a good bikini is due to the fact that I need support for the twins. Most bikini tops can support up to a D/DD/DDD comfortably. So for me, it's either I have to sacrifice support, or just not buyt the suit. There is nothing worse than having a swim top so small to the point you are spilling out. Having options in cup size ensures a better fit because our bodies are not the same. Yes we may wear the same size, but our bodies are different. I want to enjoy myself, and not have to constantly move and re-configuring my top because of the size. Also, no one, absolutely no one wants four boob. For the top I went with the size 20 (I noticed that with S4A, going up a size works best for me) in the G/H cup. The back straps are fully adjustable which allows for a more precise fit. There is side boning, so it fits just like you are wearing a bra. 

The bikini bottoms have metal hardware that criss cross. The bottoms are highwaisted so they are great for those that have a tummy and want coverage. There is power mesh so it does hold you in. I went with a 20 in the bottoms as well. The band does not dig into my sides. I was definitely comfortable in this suit. 

If you are on the hunt for a new swimsuit, definitely check out Swimsuits For All (Current promotion 30% off swiim). They have so many options to satisfy your taste from sizes 8-24. Finding swim has always been a struggle, but since I found S4A, that is a thing of the past. My biggest problem now- having too many suits! Guess that means it's time to plan a vacay right????