Check The Rhyme

Back in the day on the boulevard of Linden...

ATCQ Mural

I met up with my bestie for brunch in Queens, and when we were done, I decided to head over to the ATCQ mural. I'm rarely- when I say rarely, I mean maybe twice a year (yeah I'm bad), in Queens so I took the opportunity to shoot at the infamous Linden Boulevard. It was referenced in one of my favorite ATCQ songs- Check The Rhyme. I have been wanting to check out the mural for a while, and it was the perfect day to do so. No wind, perfectly sunny, and all to myself (after a family had their mini photo shoot). 

I've raved about Melissa McCarthy's denim, but another favorite of mine are her jackets. I picked up the Military Jacket in black (it comes in Olive, but I have been soo obsessed with olive these days, I didn't need another thing). I am wearing a 1X, which is rare for me because of my arms. I will say her tops are roomy in the arms, and for all my big arms gals, check out her line. The jacket has pockets (I find jackets with no pockets an epic fail), and it has cool patches on it. This version is sold out, but there is another style available. 

I paired the jacket and one of my favorite oldie but goodie tee's and a pair of sequin leggings from Roamans. I wanted to have fun with the classic legging & tee look, and these definitely upped the ante. With these being all black, there are a great addition to your wardrobe. You can wear them with practically anything. With the holidays coming up, you can wear these with a great sweater or go all out and wear this with a tuxedo jacket and button down. There's definitely no wrong way to wear these. Now for those that are a part of team thick thighs, I suggest sizing up in these leggings. For me, most bottoms from Roamans require me to size up so that it fits comfortably.


As of late I have been living in sneakers or flats. The latest to my collection are these Basket Platform sneakers from Puma. These are soo versatile and comfortable, that I practically live in these. I love them so much, I'm thinking about getting them in another color. Just slip them on and I am out the door. Can't get any better than that. 

Rules that once held us back from wearing things should no longer be a factor in ones life. If you want to wear lingerie as tops, do it. Sequins for the day- why not? Wear all the pretty things day or not, and enjoy yourself.