Another day, another event! I was invited to the Avenue's Brunch hosted by Plus Model Magazine's Blog Editor Marcy Cruz. Held in Midtown aka the Mecca of Fashion, it was a morning filled with fashion and food. It was a gorgeous day, and I wanted to show off this cute dress from Torrid. I love dresses on a nice day. They make me walk with an extra pep in my step. All I need is a bold lip and some sunnies, and you have a statement making outfit.  

Torrid this season has a lot of great dresses that are covetable, especially this floral one. I used to shy away from florals because I felt that they can be drab, but over the years the prints have been anything but. The fit on this dress was perfect. It shows off my figure but it is not fitted at all. Off the shoulder has been one trend that I have embraced and refuse to let it go. There is something sexy about showing off your shoulders. For those that don't want to draw attention to your arms, I suggest off the shoulder tops/dresses. It draws attention up, so everyone is focused on your face. All that is needed is some bangles and a cute strappy heel and you are all set. I must say, these heels are my new favorite, they are wide width and the straps are elastic so they can stretch and hold your foot in without being constricting. 

I enjoyed myself and I got a chance to check out the late summer/early fall arrivals from Avenue. Trust me, there is something for everyone. I'm in love with the colorblock button downs and the dresses. I also did my first facebook live post from the event, so head to my page to check it out. 

I did a get a chance to take some photo's of the beautiful ladies while ooing over the clothes. Here are some of my favorite looks from the event. 

Well there you have it lovers, Day 4 of Full Figured Fashion Week. Stay tuned for more!!! Muah!