Year 1: Bodega Run

As me and Kay Jay celebrated our one year anniversary, he thought it would be a great idea if we got matching Jordans. The Retro Jordan 6 Infrared is an ode to all things 90’s. The sneaker originally was released in 1991, and was the sneaker Air Jordan wore when he won his first championship. It’s on a lot of sneakerheads list as one of their favs. For me, it was the first pair of Jordans I asked my mom for (did not get them btw), so this was chance to get one of the first sneakers I wanted as a kid. It’s kinda a right of relationship passage- getting matching sneakers. Nothing shows your love, like matching outfits and sneakers….lol. Even though when it comes to style, Kay Jay & I like the same things, I don’t see us wearing the exact same outfit. We can, however, rock the same brand, and share them here on His & Hers.

Jordan Retro 6

For our latest collab, when we think of the 90’s in addition to a crisp pair of Jordans, Tommy Hilfiger comes to mind. Its classic Americana style was all up and through the fashion growing up. Now that Tommy has plus sizes at Macy’s, I felt this was a great brand to showcase for His & Hers. Growing up, it was hard to find Tommy in women’s. I wore men’s clothes. It worked cause, the style was all about oversized, but now as an adult, I may not want to steal his sweatshirts. I found us these great sweatshirts for an amazing price (each sweatshirt was no more than $30. Both are no longer on the site, but similar items on sale are linked below).

IMG_3934 Copy.jpg

With a lot of brands from the 90’s making a comeback, regardless of your size you want to be able to rock your faves. Nice to know that I can add Tommy to the list to find throwbacks or cutesy dresses. Having the option to wear brands you like is key.

In NYC, most of the time if you were chilling with your boo it was at the bodega. It was the meet up spot. You would go there and stand out front talking crap and eating chips, so when I was scouting spots for our shoot, I knew that this bodega would be the perfect backdrop. The bodega is always the heart of the neighborhood. It’s where you get your chopped cheese, your icees, as well as the local gossip.

Have you been buying 90’s inspired clothing? Are you happy with the 90’s trends coming back, or do you wish it would just go away? Let me know in the comments.