Lily Pulitzer for Target

The latest designer collaboration for Target is Lily Pulitzer. Little brand history: the founder Lily, who owned a juice stand, was inspired by the way the juice left stains on her clothes. That inspiration led her to design dresses with lots of color and attention grabbing prints. Her bold prints became her signature style, which was worn by housewives all the way to the First Lady. 

The collaboration with Target is perfect for this Spring. With the runways promoting color, ladylike dresses, and bold prints, Lily Pulitzer encompasses all three and has been doing so since its inception. What makes this collection special, is that for the first time Target will also include plus size! This was a major win because when Chastity Garner or Garnerstyle wrote her open letter boycotting Target due to their lack of plus size in their assortments, proves that one person with a voice to stand for something can make change. Even though the plus size assortment is only offered online, to me this is a small step in the right direction. 

This morning I logged on to snag up some goodies from this collection. I was happy to see that the majority of the line for plus size was sold out in less than an hour or two of the launch. This should be proof to the industry that the plus size woman is willing to spend money. Spend money on trendy, colorful clothing at that. Hopefully the sales and traffic online will prompt Target to launch the next designer collaboration in stores as well as online. 

The dresses were the first things to sell out. Since it was hard to gauge fit, I am sure many women bought 2-3 sizes of each just out of sheer not knowing how it will look. I bought the jumpsuit, and I ordered both a 2x & 3x, just because I don't have a clue how . For those that were not up bright and early to order anything, I wouldn't worry yet. After the end of this week once people start receiving their orders, people will start to return items that don't fit. I call it "Casualties of Online Shopping".  It happens to me a lot, which is why there should be more stores carrying plus!! I will get into that in another post....

Below are the things I ordered today. Look out soon for a post. 

I just had to get this was too cute! Did you purchase anything from Target & Lily Pulitzer? Let me know your thoughts on the collection or your purchase in the comments. Until next time lovers!