Black Fashion Designers

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A hobby of mine is attending museums. I love a good exhibit, and the latest from Fashion Institute of Technology is a must see. Their latest exhibit: Black Fashion Designers features some known and unknown Black Designers over the years. Don't let the size of the space fool you, there is a lot of inspiration, culture, and plenty of "I did not know that". What's cool about the exhibit is that it is fully interactive with an online tour/listening tour narrated by Andre Leon Talley (Vogue's Contributing Editor) and it features pieces from Tracey Reece, Sean John, Cross Colours, and Mimi Plange. 

Here are some of the cool facts from the exhibit, because sharing is caring

  • Jackie Kennedy's wedding dress was created by Ann Lowe
  • The iconic Playboy Bunny outfit was designed by Zelda Wynn Valdes
  • Sean John won the CFDA Men's Designer of the Year Award in 2004

Black History Month is in full effect and getting a chance to see our contributions in the fashion industry was definitely needed. With the state of country, and just all the craziness we are witnessing, this exhibit took my mind off the negative to celebrate all that we have accomplished. The accomplishments and contributions we have made in fashion and endless. The way we can intertwine our culture, surroundings, and our unique style into a garment is purely fascinating to me. If you are in NYC go check out the exhibit. If you are visiting NYC, DEFINITELY check out the exhibit. Black Fashion Designers from the Fashion Institute of Technology is available until May 16th. Enjoy lovers!!!!