Hanging in Harlem

I'm back with another installment of You Go Boy. If you missed the first installment, you can check it out here. Next up is Brandon, a Harlem native and his partner in crime Jackson. 

Outfit change!!! 

When it comes to his style, he doesn't believe in following trends. "Since I'm an easy going kind of dude, I don't follow trends or people.  I try to look presentable for the occasion, but I think its more about my personality.  I want you to be at ease, laugh with me and take me for who I am." 

Brandon's look for our afternoon of shooting came from Levi's. For this look he paired their camo shirt with a pair of Levi's 513. His sneaker of choice was Jordan Space Jam 11. By the way, the 11's are one of my top 5 favorite sneakers of all time. Hmm, maybe one day I will do a roundup of my favs, but that is for another day. One thing you will not see him without is his Yankee fitted because as a New Yorker you have to represent. The Yankee fitted is a definite staple in NYC mens fashion. Meet a native, and he will have at least one in his collection. Brandon calls his a superhero helmet. It keeps him focused when he is working out (he is all about Soul Cycle). 

In the midst of shooting, we chatted it up about any and everything. His goal for this year is to continue grinding, keeping up with the gym (he's lost over 80lbs!!!) and love his daughter like no man will ever will. I had to ask of course if he's about a good Netflix or Chill or Going Out. He says, with the right woman by his side, he's about both. I'm about chillin with the right woman, and going out to laugh with the fellas.  Well ok sir...lol. Despite the common misconception that he is an asshole, he is quite funny in this blogger's opinion. I quite enjoy the Brandon/Jackson chronicles. If you don't follow him on Instagram, you need to. I quite enjoy watching all the antics with him and his family. If you ever see them out and about in Harlem, make sure to say hey. 

Thank you Brandon & Jackson for being such good sports and indulging me!!! 

If you have great style, and is willing to take some time out to get photo's taken of you, then email me at styleoversize@gmail.com. Well that's it folks, another You Go Boy! complete. Muah!

Hey There

When you love fashion, it's not always just specific to just women's fashion or accessories.  I on the other hand love all things fashion. With that being said, I always share what I'm doing or wearing, I thought it was time to showcase other's whose style I think is awesome. Hence, new to the blog: You Go Boy! I've always admired men's fashion so I felt it was time to share men that I have met over the years whose style I admire. The first one up, the homie Rah. 

I met him a couple of years ago, and we have been admirers of each other's style ever since. I asked him what does he feel is the biggest misconception about him, and he said "I just want to kill the stigma that big guys are sloppy, corny dressers." Whether you are a man or woman, the fact that so many link great style and happiness with size is insulting. 

Figured I would share some tidbits about him, so here we go:

  • Hometown: Bucktown
  • Favorite article of clothing: My sneakers. What's on your feet says everything about you.
  • Goal for 2017: Design swimwear with my other half that is specifically made for the well endowed.
  • Netflix & Chill/Going Out: Going out. Netflix and chill leads to children and I have enough 😂

So let's get into what he's wearing. His button up of choice is a plaid Polo button down. Always a fan of a good button up. Even though his is wearing jeans and sneakers, the shirt gives him a dressed up vibe that you can wear anywhere. Jeans are the 550 from Levi. Levi's are a great jeans resource for men. They carry so many different fits, washes, and they are one of the few that have Big & Tall (carrying up to size 54x30).  So for all my guys out there having issues finding jeans, give Levi's a go. His hat of choice - the NY essential New Era Yankee blue fitted.  His sneakers are SB Dunks SE from Nike. Want more? Then follow him on IG at polosndunks. You can not say he does not live up to his IG name...lol.  


Well there you have it lovers! My first You Go Boy! If you, or someone you know has great style and is up to getting their picture taken by moi, email me at styleoversize@gmail.com!!