With all my new makeup purchases as of late, a great cleanser is needed at the end of the day to not only take all of your makeup off, but to really clean your face. Makeup removers in the past would either not be strong enough to get all of the makeup off, or it left my skin so greasy that I would have to wash my face again. Then came micellar water. 

Bioderma is a French Skincare Brand, that is know for their effective results even for those with the most sensitive skin. I have combination/oily skin so I need a cleanser that can do the job without drying out my skin. This product is amazing! It removed my waterproof mascara, matte lipstick, and foundation with ease. I used two cotton rounds to remove all my makeup and there was not a trace left. I definitely recommend this if you are looking for a gentle cleanser (for my sensitive skin lovers). I even used Bioderma to clean my face sans makeup during the week. I love that I can use it everyday as a part of my nightly routine to refresh my face, or as my makeup remover. The price for 250 mL is $12, but I think it's worth it. You can find the product at Beautylish and it comes in three sizes. If you are new to micellar water, and not really ready to invest in a big bottle there is a smaller version (100mL) for less than $10. Have you tried Bioderma products or micellar water? Let me know your thoughts.