Boss Lady

Remember a month ago when I attended Rock the Block from Ashley Stewart? Well for those that did not catch that post, check it out. It was at this event, I found out about a nail polish brand called Ginger + Liz. This Black owned nail polish was created by two besties that could not find any polish that did not contain the chemicals they were allergic to. After hearing about how they took a problem and turned it into a business (they were a part of the Entrepreneur panel), I visited their booth to check them out. 

I am a nail polish addict- so when I am checking out new brands, the first thing that has to grab me is the color. Their shades run the gamut from nude to glittertastic. I have been wanting some new glitter nail polishes, so I was immediately drawn to The Icing on the Cake, Happy Wife, Happy Life, and Brain Storm. Now after I coveted all glitter polishes, I came across the shade Boss Lady. Now the name alone is sassy and fun, so I just had to give this reddish-orange shade a try. After the color catches my attention, now here is the test- how long can the polish last. I am not a gel gal- I like to switch up my color weekly, so a brand that I can wear for a week straight is a winner in my book. 


I got my nails done this past Saturday, and they are still going strong a full week later. The three products that I used on my nails was OPI Bond Aid as a base coat, two coats of Boss Lady, and one coat of Essie's gel setter top coat. Now most will say, it's probably the top coat, and it helps, but I have worn other brands with the top coat, and have only lasted 4-5 days, not 7. Whether or not if you are allergic to chemicals in nail polish, this is a great brand to support. Long lasting amazing color- I'm sold. Can't wait to try out all my glitter polishes. Make sure you are following me on Instagram, to see all of my mani's.