Melissa McCarthy Collection

Ever since I have heard about her capsule collection, I have been waiting to see all that Melissa McCarthy for Seven7 had to offer. There were a lot of teasers from many magazines, and I can honestly say I was intrigued. When HSN launched the line on their site, I will be honest I was not in love. There were a lot of pieces from the ads that I saw that were not available on the site. Weeks later,  I was finally able to see the Melissa McCarthy Collection for Seven7 for myself at Macy's Herald Square. 

There are a lot of tops, over-sized sweaters, ponte pants, and jeans. The tops are loose fitting and are great to wear with their ponte leggings or skinnies. The sweaters are kimono style which allows for layering. My favorite pieces are the blush bow blouse and the skinnies.  I tried on a couple of the pieces, and for the most part the fit worked for me. The heart top I tried in a 1X, the arms were a little tight, so a 2X would be better. The kimono was perfect in the 1X since it was roomy, and the bow blouse I had to size up to the 3X for my arms. What I was actually shocked that fit well was the jeans. I tried on the skinnies in size 16 and they were perfect. They are stretchy, soft, and come high up on my waist. I definitely suggest giving these a try if you are in the hunt for a new pair of jeans. I was pressed for time so I did not get a chance to try on the ponte pants, but if the jeans are an indication of the fit, then the pants are must have as well (I love the buffalo print ponte pants the most). For a new launch, there are some goodies, and I will definitely check out what else she has in store for the remainder of fall. 

Despite the snug arms, thought this was a cute top. $79 

Love the kimono, 1X is very roomy $159 Bow blouse you may have to size up $89

                                                                Grey Skinny Jeans $90

Have you bought any pieces from the Melissa McCarthy collection? Leave a comment, I would love to hear your comments about the fit, and items that you like/dislike.