Wake Me Up Before You Kimono

When you love wearing color as much as I do, passing up a great colorful piece is hard to do. This kimono was that hard to pass up piece. 

I have talked about Melissa McCarthy on the blog several times. She has great denim, dresses, and the kimono's are a fan favorite as well. The Geo Print Kimono stole my heart immediately. It is definitely a versatile piece you can wear all year round. It is lightweight for the summer, but great for layering in the cooler months. I loved the colors, they are bold yet wearable. Her kimono's are oversized, so I am wearing a 1X, and as you can see, it's roomy, but not overwhelming. 

I wanted the kimono to be the star of the show, so I wore all white so that the colors in the kimono can really pop. I wore a simple white tank from the Gap, and my favorite white jeans from Melissa McCarthy. These are from last year, but I linked their newest pair here. For accessories I went with my block heel sandals from Nine West, and the ever so chic bag from Mango. When it comes to accessories, Violeta by Mango really has some gems that are seasonless. Their shoes are one, and their bags are another. A great tote is always needed and this one with it woven leather details is my new favorite. It holds a good deal and it goes with everything. If you are looking for a new handbag, definitely check this one out. Are you all about color, or do stick to neutrals? Have you tried a kimono- I am definitely falling in love with them, and feel like I need another. Let me know in the comments if you are all about a good kimono. 


We are slowly but surely heading into summer. Can you believe it Memorial Day Weekend is only a week away! Spring has been here one day, but gone the next (NYC has been all about cloudy, dreary conditions and windy days), so the fact Spring has been more of a get in where you fit in situation kinda sucks. I am the type of person that I will not wear dresses or skirts, if the weather is not great. I will just wear some cute pants or my go to uniform of a blazer with some jeans and be contempt. Trust me I am happy to see the temps going up, instead of down, because I have been wanting to wear this floral skirt for the longest. 

I saw this super cute floral skirt on Fullbeauty's site. I have shared my affection for Melissa McCarthy's line here on the blog, but this was my first skirt. If you have not tried her line, please do, there is something for everyone. I am fan of her denim and tops, but this skirt has me expanding my horizons. The paperbag skirt is a midi on me, but for my tall gals it would be great short option. What drew me to the skirt was the color scheme. The colors play well with each other. Definitely gives off a Spring vibe with the shades of purple and green's. I am wearing a 1X which can fit anyone that wears a 16-18. 

It's very rare that I wear a floral item without mixing it up with a stripe. Stripes and florals go hand in hand, and I went with this super affordable striped tee from Target. When it comes to my tee's I look for items that feel great against the skin, and fit well. Target's Ava & Viv tee's fit well and are always on sale. 

Since the trains in the morning are extremely cold,  I have my trusty leather jacket from Jessica London to keep me warm. This jacket has been on the blog several times because it is a great leather item to own. As a moto obsessed woman, don't get me wrong, I love my faux leather one's, but you should have at least one in leather in your closet. It will last a long time, and it is great for layering especially if you live on the East Coast where the weather is just bipolar. Currently the jacket is on sale, and in comes in cobalt, so I suggest checking it out before it sells out. 

My shoes are called the Genie from Nine West. I have had these shoes in my closet for months waiting for some great weather so I can wear them. Yes, I am that person- I buy sandals when there is snow on the ground, but if I can get a deal on them, why wait and run the risk of FOMO. Besides they are a lace up block heel, my two weaknesses in one shoe. These are currently on sale, and they are quite comfy, so if you are in the need of a new shoe, then go for it. 

I'm looking forward to this weekend. The weather is going to be great and I am going to spend some time with the crew and enjoy. Make sure you are following me on Instagram to see all that i  get into! Later lovers!!!

Mixing It Up

Even though I embrace and love color, as a New Yorker wearing black is a major part of my life. Great thing about fashion these days is the way you can play around with patterns to ante up your basic black items. 

Graffiti walls and bright lippies are a weakness of mine

In middle school all I wore were plaid button ups. It was the 90's and I loved the look of grunge plaid with baggy jeans. It was the start of me coming into my own with my look. Even though my clothes are more fitted (my twelve year old self would have never thought I would be in skinny jeans), I still love a good plaid shirt. I picked up this flannel shirt from Ellos on sale ($24) and its perfect for this Feb winter weather. I love feeling nice and toasty without having to wear a lot of layers. This shirt also comes in red so if you are on the lookout for a good flannel shirt, then look no further. 

Say what now?? I'm fab? YASSSS!!! lol

Ombre jeans hit the scene and I was very curious and wanted to try a pair. At first I wanted a dark blue to light blue pair, but I thought about how well can a dark wash that fades to a super light wash would look in the winter.  While online browsing (that is the way I unwind...I know #shopaholic), I stumbled upon this pair that went from black to grey. Also, they were on sale so that just made it a must have. I have raved about Melissa McCarthy jeans and these skinny jeans are another hit. The stretch of these hug the curves while still being comfy. It's cold out here in these streets, and you can be warm without having to sacrifice your style. I loved the way the jeans look with the flannel shirt. It's a fun twist on basics. 

Headwraps are a godsend. I need more!!

My oh so favorite moto is with me once again. When I say, this jacket is a major part of my wardrobe that is an understatement. Having a moto in my opinion is a MUST. It edges up any look, and its great for layering. I have at least 10 moto's in all different colors. It's crazy how 3-5 years ago finding a great staple like a moto was far and few between for plus, and color- forget about it. I am glad that we have so many brands out here that make great items that fit our bodies. Keeping the edginess going with these great leather (yes leather!!) booties. Great heel height and goes with everything in your closet. Are you loving my updated monochromatic look? Make sure you comment below! Later lovers!!

Crazy Color

I can not believe it's December. The Holidays are in full swing and my time has been spent looking for presents, and getting ready for all of the Holiday parties. For me when temps start to drop, I go to my tried and true all black ensembles. Black is my comfort blanket. Throw on a black sweater and pants and some booties and I am out the door. This Holiday, I'm making an effort to wear more color and I'm starting with a twist on one my favorite jeans: the boyfriend. 

I love the way boyfriend jeans fit on me. They are the perfect amount of slouch without looking sloppy. These paint splattered versions from Melissa McCarthy are fun and amazingly comfortable. I have been eyeing these for a while, and when the site was having a 40% off sale, I went for it and bought them. If you have not tried her jeans before I suggest them. I wear a size 16, and they hug where they need to and I have yet to deal with them stretching out. 

I wanted to keep the color going so I went with one of my favorite sweaters from the Gap. The Crazy Stripe sweater has been a favorite of mines since I was in high school and over the past couple of years they have brought them back in different variations. I have had this button neck one for a couple of years, but there is a new variation available with more of a metallic look which is super cute. Chunky knits and jeans are the perfect weekend look. It can be dressed down with sneakers to run errands or with booties to meet with the gals for brunch. 

With all my pops of colors, I went with some neutrals to tie in the rest of my look. This quilted coat from Melissa McCarthy has been a go to over the past couple of months for me. Oversized coats have been all over the runways for Fall, and this one has the right amount of volume without swallowing you whole. I wear a 20 in coats, and with this coat the 1X was perfect. I have room to layer underneath, and its quite warm. I finished off my look with my booties from Lane Bryant. I love the bow detailing and the wide width which makes them very comfortable. Well I am off to finish up my shopping. Enjoy lovers!!!

Melissa McCarthy Collection

Ever since I have heard about her capsule collection, I have been waiting to see all that Melissa McCarthy for Seven7 had to offer. There were a lot of teasers from many magazines, and I can honestly say I was intrigued. When HSN launched the line on their site, I will be honest I was not in love. There were a lot of pieces from the ads that I saw that were not available on the site. Weeks later,  I was finally able to see the Melissa McCarthy Collection for Seven7 for myself at Macy's Herald Square. 

There are a lot of tops, over-sized sweaters, ponte pants, and jeans. The tops are loose fitting and are great to wear with their ponte leggings or skinnies. The sweaters are kimono style which allows for layering. My favorite pieces are the blush bow blouse and the skinnies.  I tried on a couple of the pieces, and for the most part the fit worked for me. The heart top I tried in a 1X, the arms were a little tight, so a 2X would be better. The kimono was perfect in the 1X since it was roomy, and the bow blouse I had to size up to the 3X for my arms. What I was actually shocked that fit well was the jeans. I tried on the skinnies in size 16 and they were perfect. They are stretchy, soft, and come high up on my waist. I definitely suggest giving these a try if you are in the hunt for a new pair of jeans. I was pressed for time so I did not get a chance to try on the ponte pants, but if the jeans are an indication of the fit, then the pants are must have as well (I love the buffalo print ponte pants the most). For a new launch, there are some goodies, and I will definitely check out what else she has in store for the remainder of fall. 

Despite the snug arms, thought this was a cute top. $79 

Love the kimono, 1X is very roomy $159 Bow blouse you may have to size up $89

                                                                Grey Skinny Jeans $90

Have you bought any pieces from the Melissa McCarthy collection? Leave a comment, I would love to hear your comments about the fit, and items that you like/dislike.